Thursday, December 31, 2009

Preview of January's Theme...

and it's arctic, brrrr.

For other arctic themed cloth diapers and covers, visit the participating stores:
Banana Bottoms
KandF shops
Little Muffin Bottoms

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's not too late...

to get your holiday cloth diaper fix.... And as January approaches, the cloth diaper mamas will be gearing up for our Arctic theme. Stay tuned.

For other holiday themed cloth diapers and covers, visit the participating stores:
A Little Fluffy
Banana Bottoms
Rethink Crafts
Sweet Violets Mama
The Creative Mommy
The Laughing Place
Zinnia Flower

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CLEARANCE at 3d ~ deebleDdo

I am going to take a break from diaper making for awhile, and with that in mind, would like to get rid of all my remaining instock items. EVERYTHING at my Etsy is CLEARANCED.

I have embroidered Minkee and specialty covers for $13, embroidered PUL pockets for $12, embroidered PUL and fleece covers for $10 and $12, pillowcase dress sets with pocket diapers for $20 and embellished UBIPFs for $1.50.

Some of the items are Christmas themed and I can get them out in time for you to have them for the holiday.

Buy Handmade

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Los Chiquitos Diapers 10th Anniversary

Yes, its been 10 years for Los Chiquitos Diapers.

To celebrate this event all diapers @ my etsy store and Chiquitos website will be on sale

for 8.25 each. This will be the month of Dec and Jan.

Thank you to all who have bought from me, supported me, encouraged me and hung out with me on the web and Amity's.

Los Chiquitos Diapers

Erika's Chiquis

Erika's Chiquis Blog

Friday, December 11, 2009

New longies for the season

A few last minute additions.....
Handknit wool longies for the Holidays in Green and Red stripes!

...and for the winter season..... my "Let It Snow" longies featuring snowflakes on the bum! I will take custom requests for these.

More longies listed soon La Petite Krott!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is getting closer...

Here are some holiday cloth diapers and covers to keep you in the spirit.

For other holiday themed cloth diapers and covers, don't forget to visit the participating stores:
A Little Fluffy
Banana Bottoms
Rethink Crafts
The Creative Mommy
The Laughing Place
Winky Dinks
Zinnia Flower

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle Diapers

When I started making soakers, I donated about 10 of them to Miracle Diapers. Katrina (the creator of the pattern I used) asked that if we use the pattern to sell items that we make at least one donation. Well...after finding out about Miracle Diapers, just one didn't seem like enough! I've been a supporter of them for 3 years now, and am trying to spread the word.

Miracle Diapers mission statement: Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization is dedicated to helping qualifying families all over the United States get a jump start on cloth diapering their children through our cloth diaper loan program.  Read more about Miracle Diapers here.

What YOU can do:
  • You can purchase the Miracle Diapers listing from the Winkydinks Etsy store (to cover materials and shipping), and I will make a soaker and send it off in your name.
  • You can donate money directly to Miracle Diapers by visiting this page (which is tax deductible).
  • You can send in your gently used diapers you no longer need - sometimes your tax deduction is worth more than resale value when you consider shipping, time, and paypal fees.
What the Etsy Cloth Diaper team is doing:
Please consider offering your support to this wonderful organization!

    Friday, December 4, 2009

    Huge Giveaway at The Eli Monster!

    Okay, guys. I'm finally posting the last giveaway of my birthday month! I'm even extending the deadline so you have more opportunities to tweet or blog about it and ENTER MORE TIMES!

    This week I'm giving away a cloth diapering gift set!

    What's included, you ask?

    • Three diapers of your choice (AIO, Pocket, Cover)
    • Medium Wetbag
    • 12 wipes
    • sample of diaper pail dust
    That's over $100 of cloth diapering items!!!

    To Enter:

    Go to follow directions.
    Entries can include: blogging, tweeting, hearting on Etsy and lots of other fun stuff!

    Happy Holidays

    Well it's finally December and the holidays are getting closer. Keep it festive with these cloth diapers from the WAHMs on the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team.

    For other holiday themed cloth diapers and covers, visit the participating stores:
    A Little Fluffy
    Banana Bottoms
    Rethink Crafts
    Sweet Violets Mama
    The Creative Mommy
    The Laughing Place
    Zinnia Flower

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    More Holiday Diapers

    I'm a little late to the holiday party, but I just listed these festive ornament and red striped diapers as a beautiful Christmas set over at Laina's Laundry. Stop by and check them out - perfect for a little one on your list :) There is only one set - so when it's gone, it's gone!

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Holiday time is right around the corner...

    Show your baby's holiday cheer with these cute cloth diapers and covers.

    For other holiday themed cloth diapers and covers, visit the participating stores:
    A Little Fluffy
    Banana Bottoms
    Rethink Crafts
    Sweet Violets Mama
    The Creative Mommy
    The Laughing Place
    Zinnia Flower

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Wool wash options

    There are many options for caring for your wool. Each one you may find to have benefits over the other (which is why I personally have a tub full of various types of wool wash!)


    Liquid Wool Wash: These are made commercially and by WAHMs and have everything together - wool wash and liquid lanolin. Wash and lanolize with one easy step. No rinsing required. They have just enough lanolin to keep your wool working right with every wash.

    Wool Wash Bar: This is a solid form of wool wash (usually with lanolin). Great for stains and soil spots - just rub gently on wet wool and rinse. You can also use a wool wash bar to make a sink full of sudsy water to soak your woolies in and get the same effect as a liquid wool wash. Depending on the suds, you may need to rinse slightly. I find the liquid tends to have a bit more lanolin content, depends on the maker. 

    Spray Lanolin: This is a form of liquid lanolin with no wash, put into a fine mist sprayer. Used to freshen up your woolies between washing (get a scent you LOVE!), or to add more lanolin after washing (especially helpful for night wool). Great for the "wetzone" area. Can be sprayed on wet or dry wool. I prefer to spray it on wet and it seems to soak in better.

    Regular Wash: You can easily wash your wool using baby shampoo, or other mild soap/shampoo. You may not even need to lanolize for a few washes. When you notice they start to soak up too much liquid, smell, or not function right, its time to lanolize them.

    Solid Lanolin: You can lanolize your wool separate from washing (great if you do a regular wash, or if you need an extra lanolin boost). Using Lansinoh (the purple tube you may recognize from breastfeeding) and very hot water to melt it, add to a sink full of warm water and your wool.

    Liquid Lanolin: Like solid lanolin that you don't have to melt!

    - Wash your wool inside out! Just in case your lanolin is not fully melted to avoid lanolin dark spots. Also it gets the bulk of the lanolin where you want it - on the inside!
    - I prefer not to have my wool "sticky" with lanolin, but you'll figure out the right amount for you.
    - Pick different scents and try them out, there are some wonderful ones out there!
    - The most inexpensive option is to wash with baby shampoo and lanolize yourself with solid lanolin. Its a bit more time consuming, and doesn't have the fancy scents...but is definitely the cheapest!

    If you've never lanolized wool before, there are some great online tutorials. (Usually your wool wash will also come with instructions.)
    Etsy Cloth Diaper Team
    Diaper Pin - by Laura Gent
    Green Mountain Diapers

    All of my favorite sellers seem to have their shops closed right now :(
    Ewe Need It (liquid, spray, and bars)
    Ignite the Senses (bars)
    Blue House Soaps (bars)
    Eucalan is a good commercial brand. And there are LOTS of sellers on Etsy and HyenaCart that offer wool wash products.  

    What are some of YOUR favorites or tips to share?

    And, if you're in need of wool to be washed....please browse my shop! :) Jen
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