Monday, February 17, 2014

Building Your Stash

When it comes to cloth diapering, one of the first things we ask ourselves is, “Which diapers do I buy?” Unfortunately there is no right answer to this question. Every cloth diapering mom and dad out there has their own personal preference, but it’s better to start out with a rough idea of what you’re getting yourself into before making any big purchases.
            If you type “cloth diaper” into any search engine you’ll be sure to find thousands of links to diapers like BumGenius, Fuzzibuns, and Grovia. These big name brands are available all over now, especially now that cloth diapers are slowly returning to mainstream society. But the problem is that these manufactured diapers tend to come high in price. Their solids are slightly cheaper than their patterned diapers, but their design choices are limited. I will give them this, though; my son is a heavy night-time wetter and the big guys in the cloth diaper world know how to make a nearly leak-proof diaper.
            Another way to go when buying cloth is to do some online searching and find the “internet cheapies”. Brands like Alva Baby, Kawaii, and Sunbaby, usually shipping from China, can take a long time to get to you (ours took over a month to arrive after the first package was lost). But the idea of buying $6 diapers when you are trying to build up your stash can be enticing. So what’s wrong with buying these affordable diapers? Leaking has been a HUGE issue with these in our household. Leaking around the snaps seems to be our biggest problem, but as they say, “You get what you pay for.”
            There is, however, a third option. Not many moms and dads new to cloth diapering realize that they can find quality diapers with fun, unique designs that are handmade through the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team. Most parents who cloth diaper don’t find out about us until they decide they want something new and different to add to their stash. Others never manage to find us at all. When we are finally discovered, our one-of-a-kind designs are the first to catch our customer’s eyes. From glow in the dark puppies (by BananaBottoms) to Double Bubble diapers (by BackyardBabes), you can find just about anything when looking through our team member’s shops. Many of us will even create custom diapers for our customers. Since all of our items are handmade, those of us who do custom designs can change any diaper, down to the color of thread we use. We offer more than diapers too!
            So what do we have going for us besides our good looks? This team is made up of many WAHMs that dedicate themselves to making quality diapers (and cloth diaper related products) just for their customers and the extra effort shows in their work.  Some reviews claim the diapers they have bought from our team members “match or exceed” their name brand diapers. Just take a peek at some of these reviews for yourself:

(Review for Hippy Chic Diapers)
(Review for Rebel Diapers)
(Review for Nommy's Nappies)

            In the end, all that matters is finding the right diaper for your little one. No one diaper brand is the right one for every family. My advice to the moms and dads just starting out would be to buy different brands. We bought some Alva Baby and Kawaii at first, but we also got our hands on some BumGenius and Charlie Banana diapers too, which was what kept us from swearing off cloth when the cheaper brands failed to keep our son dry. Not to say that the big names are best either; a friend of mine went out and spent a lot of money on one brand just to find that her son just kept getting rashes even when changing everything else but the diaper itself. It all comes down to your child. So I recommend buying plenty of different diapers to start your stash and discover what works best for your little one. And when the time comes that you want to find new styles, fits, and designs the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team will be here!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

As I got up this morning I noticed a blurry look when I peered was ice... all over the windows!  So since we will probably be stuck indoors with a toddler on the loose, I thought I would post a few snowed in ideas from my pinterest boards...

Snowed In Fun Ideas... We used pom poms for snowball fights all through the Christmas season and everyone from toddlers to grampa's had fun playing with them...

Here are a few specific projects for young people to keep busy on those days when you can't go outside.

This last board really inspired me...I'm not sure if I ever want to sleep in an igloo, but there are some really cool pictures of actual igloos, backyard projects and some great edible projects too!

Have a great day whatever your weather!
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