About Us

Our team is made up of Etsy sellers that offer cloth diapers, covers, and other cloth diapering accessories. To browse our shops or learn more about cloth diapering, visit our team website.

If you sell cloth diapers on Etsy and would like to join our team, visit us in Etsy Teams. Our goal is to help each other generate sales, discuss challenges, find inspiration, and support fellow small business owners (often Work at Home Moms).

Each member belongs to a committee which helps spread the responsibilities of the team and allows everyone to participate.

Please contact the following team members with questions pertaining to any area of the team:

Team Committee Leaders (effective March 2012-Aug 2012):

Committee Organization/General information: *Kristen at Banana Bottoms
Committee Organization CoLeader: Emilie at Got Em Covered
Technical Blog Team: *Kristen at Banana Bottoms
Membership: *Kelly at LilStuff
Facebook Team: Josie Anne at Payley
Treasury Team: No leader presently
Blog Content Team: Clarissa at Green Beans Diaper Co.
Giveaways and Promotions: Christina at Fruit of the Womb Diapers
Team Monthly Themes: Sharon at Bright Rose Creations

*Any of the team leaders can help you with questions!

For details of each team please see information here.
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