Sunday, October 28, 2012

Save money and natures in your housekeeping

You need not to choose ecological cleaning products you can find many ecological and effective cleansers at your home. 

There is some:

Backing  soda 

The more popular product in housekeeping and the one of the oldest.  You can use them in laundry soda can be added to basic laundry detergent, in this case you can use less detergent as usually because soda increase effectiveness of detergent. 
 If you have not so dirt clothes you can wash them only with soda. You need add about 2 -3 tablespoons to one load. 

Soda can be very good cleanser and it has also abrasive properties. You can use soda everywhere we need abrasive - WC, bath, kitchen. Very good result you get if you mix soda with a little amount of you favorite universal cleanser.  Soda also keeps good smell in your WC. 

Citric acid

Also popular product in our kitchens but we can use them in housekeeping too. 

In laundry you can add citric acid in the place of softener. Citric acid soft finish rinsing water and give softness to you clothes. Citric acid is good reagent of inorganic substances such as calcium what is found on the shower, WC and kitchen.  Clean this places with pure citric acid. 

Citric acid can be used everywhere where you need good and fresh smell, clean this places with citric acid solution and bad smelt will be  gone away.

Citric acid also works as light whitener. You can clean  of for you clothes  light dirt of berries an fruits.   The same is with your hands, citric acid helps to clean your hands for dirt stays after of work in  garden and kitchen. 


The most popular properties of salt is abrasive. If you have carbon residue bowler pour in the salt and clean with brush your bowler stays clean faster. 

Coffee waste

Coffee wastes works as good freshener. You have bad smell in your refrigerator. Put in coffee waste and pure smell will be gone away.

There can be found more and more products at our home what we can use in others ways as theirs direct properties. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet the Team - Omee of Omee's Boutique

Good morning and welcome to the newest installment of Meet the Team! Today we're chatting with Omee of Omee's Boutique. Pull up a chair and join us as we chat...

My name is Omee. I am a stay at home mom to a beautiful baby girl. She is now an year old. Bubu is her pet name. She is the sweetest, happiest, most beautiful baby I've ever seen (and I'm not biased whatsoever). I live in Toronto, Canada.

Where did you get the name for your shop?
My etsy shop is "Omee's Boutique". Omee in Arabic means 'mother'. Therefore my shop means "A Mom's Boutique". I carry all things cute and functional for woman and babies :)

How long have you been in business?
I have been on etsy since Feb 2012. And I have also been selling through local craft shows, consignment shop etc.

How did you get the idea for your products/business? How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing since I was a teen. My mother taught me to sew. Since I had my baby the last year, I have been sewing a lot for my baby, and my friends and family encouraged me to start my own business on etsy. I can't survive without something to keep my hands busy, so I sew when I can, when my baby is napping and my husband is busy at work. 

Please share what is unique about your products.
I love what I do. Therefore I make each and every product with the utmost care and attention to detail. I love beautiful fabrics and use what little free time I have to create items that can possibly become a loved and worn best friend.My aim is to provide mothers alike the choice of funky, one of a kind accessories for themselves and their cute babies.

What are your most popular products, and why are they so appealing?
I keep introducing new items to my shop all the time. Currently my mama pads, cloth wipes and bibs are the top selling products. And I have had a very good feedback with all my customers so far! :)

What have you found most challenging about running your own business? Has anything been easier than you expected? More difficult?
I am a stay at home mom. I find affordable and effective advertising of my business very challenging currently. 

Why do you like selling on Etsy?
Etsy is a great platform. I LOVE it. It has given me the freedom to work from home, and run a business I am in love with. I can work at my own pace, in my own home, according to my own rules.

What is your favorite thing to make at the moment?
I am currently loving making blankets for my customers. My blankets are large and made with a lot of care. Therefore they last long.

Why is cloth diapering important to you?
I have been cloth diapering my baby since she was 3 months old. I still use disposable diapers for night time and when I am out and about. During the rest of the time I stick to using cloth diapers. And I have been nothing but happy with them. They are so comfortable for my baby and save me a lot of money.

What is the kind of diaper you like the best at home?
I only use pocket diapers. My favorite brands are Hippybottomus, BunsUpBaby, Comfy Rumps.

What is your favorite cloth diapering memory?
I had thought of cloth diapering my baby even before my baby was born. I used to research a lot when I was pregnant with her. When I actually began to use cloth diapers, and after a month of using them, when I got into a routine, I was so proud and happy that I am actually doing what I had planned to. And it was so easy!

Who or what is your inspiration?
Everybody and everything inspires me, my baby, my family, friends, nature..! 

Do you have anything new going on now, or upcoming, such as new products or promotions?
I have recently introduced drawstring lunch tote bags. An eco-friendly alternative to those disposable brown paper or plastic bags. Plus they are so cute that they will make your lunch pals go green and inspire you to pack your own healthy meals from home everyday! My customers LOVE them!

Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Sister's Magazine, a leading UK magazine, has featured Omee's Boutique in their October 2012 issue. I am so excited and thrilled about it!  I create all items in very small quantities, and keep adding new stuff all the time. So, if you see something you like, scoop it up. I ship worldwide so please email me if you are interested in any of the products, and I can get an exact shipping quote for you. I also  LOVE special requests, so if there is an item or certain colour or design you have in mind, I would love to make it for you! If you are buying something as a gift, I can include a card for free, just let me  know what you would like it to say!

I also do wholesale orders and offer discounts Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at all. 

Where can we find your products?
If you'd like to check out the current selection at Omee's Boutique, please click on the following links: 

Thank you for looking at my shop, annew stuff all the timed continue to support handmade items from small businesses like mine!
 Omee Bubu

Thanks Omee, we've enjoyed our time with you. 
Everyone, be sure to visit Omee's Etsy store before you get on with your day - it'll be worth your time!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cloth Diapering Back Up Plan

My stash at one of it's larger points.
There are so many reasons people choose to cloth diaper and most stem from affordability, ecology, or a child with sensitivities. Personally I set out to do cloth because I was being cheap. Baby number three meant I would be drastically cutting my work hours and I needed to compensate however I could. Then I discovered designer diapers and the cute throttled my thrifty tendencies. At least I was being green right?

When talking to new to cloth parents I've always told them that cloth is a bit of an investment up front, but then that investment pays for itself over time. Over the years I've seen people sell off their diapers to come up with the money they needed for whatever reason and usually they would say something like this "Gah, DH is out of work for being hurt and now the radiator n the car blew and the water heater is flooding. We need the money so we're selling off our fancy diapers and gonna use sposies for a couple months." Makes sense right?

Pre-fold available at Zany Zebra on Etsy
I recently found myself in a financial bind. Funny how it all falls apart on the leanest months. Suddenly my excessive stash looked more like a nest egg than squishy diapers. I started offering them up for sell in the various venues where people look for pre-loved fluff and while it was a humbling experience I was pretty impressed by the resale value of my diapers. However, it would do me no good to sell all my diapers and then be forced into buying disposable diapers. If you need money you don't force yourself into having to spend more of it. Disposables are not your back up plan. The answer is a throw back to grandma's day. A simple system of pre-folds / flats and covers should be your fall back plan if your regular more costly system becomes unavailable for whatever reason. If they're not "cute" enough you can easily dye them or embellish them to add some flare. We rarely used them, but I was grateful to have those old standbys to dig out. In about a year when we're done with cloth even those basic diapers will have a resale value to them which is another perk to cloth diapers. How many sposies repay their owners even in small percentages?

Posted by Samantha at Turk and Bean

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Theme Thursday - Celebrate Fall!

'Fall in love with fall color' by GotEmCovered

X-Large Hanging Wet Bag for ...

Don't Cross My Path up...

SMALL Hand-Knit Wool Diaper ...

Halloween Pumpkins- Fleece S...

Small Autumn Leaves Fleece s...

Fall Pumpkin Longies price f...

SALE 10% off Halloween Ooga ...

LARGE Wool Cable Shorties, H...

Small Daytime Daddy Flats - ...

Large "Black with Fall ...

Small Longies on Cestari Mer...

Medium Cloth Diaper Longies ...

crochet wool soaker longie -...

Mocha Flowers - 10x10 Sweet ...

Maple Leaves - Small AI2 Clo...

Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Halloween related items

I also wanted to post about our other shops that have some great halloween things available this month! Holdens Landing Here is a quick peak at what is available in her store:
Living Green Baby
Cheeky Bunz
My Very Best is having a sale on their inserts this month as well!
My Very Best is having a sale on their inserts this month as well!
Happy shopping all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Giveaway

Hi, everyone! Can you believe it is almost Halloween? Just two weeks away. This go around, we will have two items from two different shops:
Living Green Baby Our Natural Luxury Bamboo Cloth Wipes are made of 1 layer of buttery soft bamboo velour and 1 soft and sturdy layer of bamboo fleece. The Velour is silky soft and will remain soft wash after wash, it grabs at messes so well that 1 wipe will do the job of 3 disposable wipes. The bamboo fleece adds stability while maintaining the softness that bamboo is known for. These wipes are cut at a generous 8 inch square, when folded in half the stack neatly in a reusable wipe container (Like a disposable wipe container) You can store them dry and moisten as needed or pre moisten them and store them in a container of your choice. These wipes also work very well as doublers for cloth diapers. When folded in half and placed inside a fitted, pocket, or prefold its adds and extra 4 trim layers of thirsty bamboo, A great solution to overnight diapering and heavy wetters. Natural Luxury Bamboo Cloth Wipes Make the perfect baby shower gift, and they come in other great colors! The possible uses for reusable cloth wipes are endless and are not just for cloth diapering families. Use them for soft make up removing cloths, washcloths, in lunch boxes, for cloth napkins, diaper doublers, mini burp cloths, the list goes on! 6 Wipes per pack. and Fruit of the Womb
The minky pirate fitted diaper is made of cuddly soft minky on the outside, and a thick, soft layer of bamboo fleece. There is an attached soaker made up of three layers of soaker material and two layers of heavy duty bamboo fleece. This amazingly soft fitted diaper would be perfect for naptime, heavy wetters, or even overnight! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meet the Team - Josie of Payley Knits and Crochet

Good morning and welcome! This morning we're spending some time with Josie of Payley Knits and Crochet. Sit back, relax, and get to know Josie better.

What's your name and where do you live?  
My name is Josie and I am from Northern Utah but currently live in Eastern Washington while my husband attends vet school.

Where did you get the name for your shop?  
We always wanted a son names Payton and a daughter named Bailey, so when I was looking for a unique name I tried merging them together and I liked it!  We now have a Bailey and another little girl and we are expecting again and hoping it is our Payton this time!

How long have you been in business?  3 1/2 years

How did you get the idea for your products/business? 
I love the way woolies look, feel, and work.  I wanted to use the talents I have to make something people will love and use every day!

Please share what is unique about your products.  
Every product is custom made for the customer making sure they get exactly what they want!  Sometimes it get a little crazy, but I always love the finished product!

What are your most popular products, and why are they so appealing
?  Wool dryer balls lately because of the "going green" movement.  Scrappy's have always been popular, and this year it seems like rainbows are making a huge comeback!

What have you found most challenging about running your own business?  
Peoples expectations.  Sometimes people think that just because they need something tomorrow means I should be able to make it and have it shipped out the next day.  What we do is an art form that takes time and patience!

Has anything been easier than you expected? More difficult?  
I love word of mouth referrals and retuning customers!  It is so fun to watch a family outgrow their need for wool and then come back the next year for a brand new stash for a new baby!

Why do you like selling on Etsy?  I like that someone can type in a keyword and find my stuff.  I am loving all the new features they have that help you track your stats too!

How long have you been sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.?  
Crocheting 10 years, Knitting for almost 5, sewing for 15.

What is your favorite thing to make at the moment?  
I enjoy rompers and overalls because they are few and far between and sometimes a nice break from the everyday longie making!

Why is cloth diapering important to you?  
I believe it is what is best for our kids!  I started out to save money, and the more I hear about what is in diapers and what makes them work, the more I turn to cloth and am thankful I started out as a new mom using it so it isnt foreign to me now!

What is the kind of diaper you like the best at home?  
I always use fitteds with covers and wool.  When my 2 1/2 year old was about 1  we found the pocket love, but she potty trained soon after (at 19 months!) so I am excited to get more use out of them this time around!

What is your favorite cloth diapering memory?  
I just always loved pulling something off the machine and putting it right on!  I made 95% of our diapers myself, so that was always fun!

Who or what is your inspiration?  
My mother in law has always believed in me and helped me realize I could do it!  She has sometimes been my biggest supporter and biggest enabler!  Obviously my kids and husband are my inspiration as well.  After all, I am trying to help supplement the family income while my husband goes to school.

Do you have anything new going on now, or upcoming, such as new products or promotions? 
I am doing a photo contest next week so come over and vote for your favorites and use coupon code "Thanks" for 10% off!

Where can we find your products?  

Thanks to Josie for taking time to let us peek at the person behind the passion Be sure to visit one of Josie's shops and see her gorgeous knit and crochet work!

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