Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ninja Diaper!!!

I made a diaper like this for my lil bee, and we get so many comments and compliments that I thought I'd make one for the store as well!
ninja diaper

(click on the photo to go directly to the listing!)

All black, inside, outside, velcro, and thread.

Release your inner ninja, baby!

All LilBees AIO diapers are made with PUL outers, wicking/stain-resistant microfleece inners, trim yet absorbant microfiber middles, and touchtape closures with laundry tabs.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Crochet Shorties Patterns!

Hello! My name is Kristen, and I love to crochet! I've been designing items (mostly scarves, sweaters, and baby blankets) for about 5 years now. Not long after my son, Alistair, was born, a customer asked me to make a diaper wrap. I had no idea what that was! I thought I could never use cloth diapers--that they just wouldn't work for our family and would be too much work for me. Well, my customer convinced me otherwise, and now my little man wears cloth diapers!

I made designed the diaper cover, but it really wasn't too fabulous (I'm still working on improving the pattern), but I also made some shorties, and they were adorable! So, I wrote the pattern for them. They are super easy to make and just look how adorable they are!

I had another request for shorties with a star on the bum. They turned out to be super cute too! The patterns for both the striped and the star shorties are available in my shop:

The directions include instructions on how to adjust the rise to fit your little one, and they can--of course--be made into longies!

I'll also make the shorties for you if you don't crochet!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Rare Custom Request

I finally have time to post! This is a lesson in - never be afraid to ask!

On my custom slots I am pretty flexible. After all that's what makes it custom right? Awhile back I had a request for side alpix closures. I haven't done those in ages! I wondered for a day or so if I could remember how I used to do it and make it work, especially with those much needed laundry tabs. I started playing with my pattern for placement and it all came back to me.

I liked this so much I might just start making them for instock. :)

Adorabubble Knits

Because your baby deserves the best. All items are hand knit out of high quality natural fibers, some organic. Heirloom quality items your child will want to pass down to their children. I offer knitting patterns in addition to my handknits. I love teaching knitting, so all my patterns are as easy to follow as possible and come with lots of support.

Check out my new design, Turtle Butt! I will be adding new color options daily during the next week. If the one listed isn't the size you would like, I would love to make a custom cover for you. I have so much fun making these!

Lastly, a little bit about me. I've been knitting for 6 years and designing for 3 of those years. I've worked in the fashion industry as a designer's assistant and after encouragement from her, decided to launch my own business for children. I also teach knitting classes at my local yarn store. With 3 boys of my own, ages 1-7, I'm always on the look out for cute boy designs which are hard to find.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Introducing Dutch Baby Dudz

I have learned so much about cloth diapering since my son was born nearly two years ago! (I can't believe my baby is almost two!) We began our cloth-diapering adventure with prefolds and ProWrap covers--a perfectly acceptable and functional diapering system--but in the last year and a half, I have fallen in love with making and using fitted diapers and hand-knit and hand-crocheted wool covers. And so Dutch Baby Dudz was born.

My first venture into the cloth diaper business was with hand-crocheted longies and shorties created using the Ladybugz Farms patterns. (I am a Ladybugz licensed reseller.) Wool is such an amazing fiber. It absorbs and repels moisture. It's naturally antibacterial. It keeps the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. It's breathable. All this makes it ideal for covering cloth diapered bottoms. I have also learned that crochet is a perfect medium from which to create diapering woolies because it creates a thick fabric that contains wetness very well. A few examples of my wooly wares:

A recent addition to the Dutch Baby Dudz line of products is the one-size-fits-most flannel pocket fitted diaper. This particular style is very simple to use. There are no snap settings to figure out or complicated folding to do. Just fold over the front or the back to make the rise fit your baby. It also has extra long wings that allow for a great range of waist sizes. This diaper is fastened with a single pin (or with two pins if necessary for a chubbier baby or toddler). Don’t like pins? You can also lay the diaper inside a snug cover and wrap it around the baby without fastening the diaper at all. Besides being soft, quick drying, and extremely easy to use, it is reversible. Two cute prints in one! Plus, the pocket style allows you to insert however much absorbency you need—just stuff with an infant prefold, microfiber towel, or other insert of your choice. For very little money, you can have a whole stash of adorable diapers that may fit your child from birth to potty learning. Here are some examples:

I hope you'll stop by my shop and take a look around. I am currently well stocked with wool longies, and I will soon be stocking wool shorties and soakers for spring. I also have some one-size flannel diapers in stock and will be adding more soon.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Here it is

Upon the upcoming arrival of my 4th baby I decided I needed a new supply of cloth diapers, being the frugal mama I am, I did not want to have oodles of sizes of diapers, so I decided I needed to come up with a design that fit from very small until the wee one was ready for the potty.

I spent much time creating, cutting, sewing, tweaking, cutting and sewing until I came up with what I think is a great fitting diaper.

Well a couple weeks ago I came across that pattern and some material that was cut but not yet sewn. I decided it was time to make them up and clean out the sewing room. I loved it so much that I kept on sewing and now have a couple of selections in my shop:
and well needless to say my sewing room is now more messy than before LOL.

It is a One-size-fits-all/most cloth fitted diaper made of
soft cotton flannel. This is designed to fit your baby from 10 to 30 + pounds. There are 2 snap settings on the front to shorten the diaper for a small baby making the rise total 13 1/2" opened fully the rise totals 18" and then there is an in between setting as well. The waist ranges anywhere between 14"-23". Sandwiched between the layers is a double terry layer to absorb, for even the heaviest of wetters. The waist has touch tape closure and the legs and back are elasticised to keep the leaks in and is also available without touch tape for those who prefer snappis or pins. The wings have fold over tabs to prevent diaper chaining in the laundry. The inside seams are serged, before turning and then reinforced with a topstich. This diaper is built to last for it's years of use! Includes an overnight soaker made of thick terry sandwiched between matching designer flannel.
Penny ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Eli Monster

Hi everyone. I thought I'd show you some of my more recent additions to The Eli Monster

I am in love with some of our newer designs. My SO is a product designer so he hopped on board and designed a few for the shop. After much research and endless idea boards, I chose a few.

The SpeedyPants is his favorite design so far. We love it for our crawler who just Speeds Away!

We also off the SpeedyPants in Red.

I also make print AIOs in an array of designer prints. I've recently updated my print selection but am always on the lookout for more great prints!

We offer a variety of hand silk screened rock and roll AIOs for those parents who don't want the traditional looking diaper. Our diapers are super trim yet super absorbent and will last through many children! Visit The Eli Monster to see the many styles of AIOs plus Covers and Embelished Prefolds. Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Designer Diapers? You Betcha!

First a brief intro:
I'm the Mama Bee behind LilBees. I had been sewing professionally for several years (costuming and then bridal) when I got pregnant and started thinking about cloth diapers. I borrowed a diaper from a friend and traced it, then spent the next several months refining the pattern and sewing process... What I make now is a simple touchtape-closure AIO with PUL outer and microfleece inner. It's quite trim and I LOVE them!
Here's a sample: I also sew wetbags, cloth menstrual pads, and an assortment of baby stuff (burp cloths, bibs, tabbie blankets, and really cool snuggle blankets!)

Recently though I've jumped into something else: designer fitteds!

One day Hubby said "hey, do you think you could make a diaper that looked like the Norwegian flag?" (he lived there for a couple of years, and our baby has a Norwegian name).
Hmm, like this?
Well that went over well, so then I had to try something with some t-shirt fabric I had:

I was not happy with how it worked with a hidden PUL layer (I got wicking and wear on the corners), so I decided to go with fitteds. (click on the picture to go to the listing!)

Why spend the time to make a designer diaper in a fitted that's just going to have a cover over it? Well, my baby spends a lot of time around the house going coverless!

  • If he gets a rash--no covers
  • For doing Elimination Communication/Infant Potty Training--no covers
  • For EC or IPT part time--no covers at home
  • For early potty learning--no covers
  • For any kid who is rash-prone--no cover at home means it's easier to tell as soon as he/she is wet, and get them changed sooner.
  • They're great for taking pictures (professional or snapshots)

And even if you are the only one who ever sees this darling diaper, it's still a great diaper! With a stay-dry, stain-resistent, easy-clean microfleece panel on the inside, and 8 layers of absorbant cotton, it's a great diaper even if it weren't so cute!

Have a dream design of your own? Let me know, I'm willing to take on anything!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Introducing Laina's Laundry

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and my shop. My name is Jenna and my shop is Laina's Laundry - named after my beautiful baby girl, Laina, who is almost 11 months old. We started cloth diapering when she was born, though we used a diaper service for the first few months. Once I got the hang of it I decided I could do the laundry myself. We use mostly prefold diapers, since that's what we started on with the service. I love them and their versatility, but they are a little...boring. So I started embellishing them and thought that made diaper changes so much more fun! Now I am offering my embellished prefolds for sale through my shop: I especially love designer fabrics, and have a couple Amy Butler prints up right now.

I also make baby leggings which are totally fun and everywhere we went people commented on them and asked where to get them, and when I said I make them everyone said I should sell them. So I added those to my shop.

I also have cloth wipes up for sale and may be adding wet bags in the future. Other things I like to make (which may make the occasional appearance in my shop) are burp cloths and baby blankets.

Laina, my husband (Jay), our Dalmation (Ella), and I live in the Denver Metro area where we moved from southern California almost 2 years ago. We moved simply for a lifestyle change, and so that we could afford to have me stay home when we had kids...which surprisingly happened rather quickly after moving here! I also love horses and used to work and ride for a horse trainer back in CA full time. I still get a little bit of my horsey fix here as I work for just a few hours on Saturdays at a Dressage barn.

I am glad to be a part of the Etsy cloth diaper team and hope that you all will check out my shop!



Let's Try out The Label Thing ...

I've made some cute little Kimono Shoes ...
they will SO look sweet with cloth diapers and
wool soakers and

You can see them for yourself at my Etsy ...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rocket Dipe

I just wanted to share this rocket dipe that I made this weekend. It comes with two flannel/organic bamboo velour wipes too. It's a size small, 8-15 lbs. This is my favorite size of AIOs, because it usually fits a newborn and all through the early months when they mess their dipe every 5 minutes ;) So changing is easy! A quick sunning will take out any yellow breastmilk poop stains like magic! If I ever get a newborn again (grin) I'll have to show you the magic of just a couple hours laying in the sun. Here it is! Available at GreenBeanBoutique. Custom orders are welcome, in these colors.
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