Thursday, March 20, 2008

Introducing Dutch Baby Dudz

I have learned so much about cloth diapering since my son was born nearly two years ago! (I can't believe my baby is almost two!) We began our cloth-diapering adventure with prefolds and ProWrap covers--a perfectly acceptable and functional diapering system--but in the last year and a half, I have fallen in love with making and using fitted diapers and hand-knit and hand-crocheted wool covers. And so Dutch Baby Dudz was born.

My first venture into the cloth diaper business was with hand-crocheted longies and shorties created using the Ladybugz Farms patterns. (I am a Ladybugz licensed reseller.) Wool is such an amazing fiber. It absorbs and repels moisture. It's naturally antibacterial. It keeps the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. It's breathable. All this makes it ideal for covering cloth diapered bottoms. I have also learned that crochet is a perfect medium from which to create diapering woolies because it creates a thick fabric that contains wetness very well. A few examples of my wooly wares:

A recent addition to the Dutch Baby Dudz line of products is the one-size-fits-most flannel pocket fitted diaper. This particular style is very simple to use. There are no snap settings to figure out or complicated folding to do. Just fold over the front or the back to make the rise fit your baby. It also has extra long wings that allow for a great range of waist sizes. This diaper is fastened with a single pin (or with two pins if necessary for a chubbier baby or toddler). Don’t like pins? You can also lay the diaper inside a snug cover and wrap it around the baby without fastening the diaper at all. Besides being soft, quick drying, and extremely easy to use, it is reversible. Two cute prints in one! Plus, the pocket style allows you to insert however much absorbency you need—just stuff with an infant prefold, microfiber towel, or other insert of your choice. For very little money, you can have a whole stash of adorable diapers that may fit your child from birth to potty learning. Here are some examples:

I hope you'll stop by my shop and take a look around. I am currently well stocked with wool longies, and I will soon be stocking wool shorties and soakers for spring. I also have some one-size flannel diapers in stock and will be adding more soon.


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