Friday, February 29, 2008

The Diaper of Liberty

Hi, I'm Elissa at New York Diaper Co. I'm proud to be a member of the Etsy Cloth Diaper Street Team. And psyched to have a place like this to blog about cloth diapering! I've been working my way up to posting here and now I have a good reason--I am now offering a fun new way to do custom fitted diapers.

You've heard of the Statue of Liberty, right? But have you heard of the Diapermaker of Liberty? She stands a few miles from the Hudson River, holding a fabric marker and a paper pattern that reads:

"Give me your sweet, your shower gifted,
Your rumpled baby blanket yearning to be needed,
The once-loved swaddler from the newborn days.
Send these, the rarely used, closet-tossed to me,
I lift my rotary cutter and at least two diapers will be yours!"

Ok, let me explain. How many baby blankets did you get at your baby shower? I got about 10 of them. Some of them are those cute two-ply knit blankets made by Carters. They're really soft and cuddly, with prints and embroidery. But as much as you love them, you can only really use so many baby blankets, especially once your baby is past the swaddling age. So let me re-purpose them for you! I found a few of mine getting cold and lonely on a basement shelf, and I bet you will, too. You send me your blanket, and I send back at least two fitted diapers depending on the sizes you need. I'm offering a nice selection of fabric choices and soaker styles, plus the option for custom sizes. And if your blanket has embroidery, I'll even use it as an applique on at least one of your diapers. You will LOVE that baby blanket again!

Sally is modeling an early version of the Diaper of Liberty, made from a Carters blanket featuring the Hungry Little Caterpillar. I made this diaper a while ago, before I started using poly-resin snaps. But it's cute just the same. Visit my Etsy store to see the updated New York Diaper Co. fitted diaper design. :) Elissa B.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brand New Blogger

I have never posted to a blog before, but hey, time to learn I think. Just wanted to talk about a new member who joined yesterday. She is crys f. She has a site called wee ones and makes tons of beautiful diapers and other items too. I also need to say that if you use FOE she has a yahoo group to buy if from at GREAT prices. I have ordered 3 times, - - great service. She is in Canada and if you check out her site, the picture on the opening page is of her new son born Dec 27, 2007. I am so glad this group is up and running, I have learned so much already. I needed the postal helps Joy and Georganne put up this morning. In my pre diaper-making addiction life I was not using the computer so much, so I am running as fast as I can to catch up. Must say tho, the three letter acronyms and abbreviations can embarass me as I try to tell my daughter what they probably mean! She is gently guiding me. Thanks for a place to talk diapers and diaper makers,
Kathy from Katnappies

Newborns grow WAY TOO FAST! :o)

Too many mom's have the same complaint...New born sized diapers and clothing only fits for a couple of weeks! Unless baby is a Preemie, or on the small side, most will be in their "3 month" size items before the are one month old! A customer recently asked me if I would be willing to make her some diapers and covers, that would fit "A long time"....ok, I thought, I'll give it whirl! Here's what I made for her, and will take customs on!! (Note that each diaper/cover has the same dimensions as the other; but one of each is snapped down to fit an itty bitty newborn...and can adjust to fit up to an almost 20 pound Baby!) The use of professionally applied poly-resin snaps make a custom fit a BREEZE!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Design!

Ok ... I'm jumping in!
I've designed a new pair of soakers and I think they are just
adorable! A cute little ruffle on the hiney side makes this a
one of a kind ...

Hope you like it!

Just me ...

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It Came to me in a Dream...

Knitting, that is. Isn't that goofy? But it's true. I had never been a crafty person, in my pre-knitting 25 or so years. Then one evening, I had a dream that I was knitting a very soft yellow scarf... it was so relaxing, and so peaceful, and I woke up with this feeling of contentment. I thought, almost aloud, "I'm so glad I learned how to knit," and then I realized WAIT!! It was just a dream! I can't knit!

Just a few days later I found myself in a craft store looking for knitting tutorials. I found a book that came with some starter needles. It was very dated, but really, the info doesn't change so much, you know? Within a few weeks, I was really knitting!

I had admired knit cloth diaper covers from afar... I loved that something handknit could be so useful and so beautiful at the same time.

I had been knitting longies and shorties for babies and toddlers for about a year or so when I started to get the itch to try something new. I was interested in trying my hand at handpainting my own yarn, and then after thinking about it some more, I made the mental leap to the concept of tie-dye.

Wool + tie-dye = Swirlies!

This has been a recent development, and I'm really excited about it. I knit the shorties in natural, undyed yarn, and then I tie-dye with different color combinations. It brings another dimension of creative fun to my craft. And I still dream about knitting from time to time!

Monday, February 4, 2008

3D ~ DeebleDdo

I will be the first to blog about myself!

A bit of history first love for sewing crafts began 25 years ago when I was introduced to quilting and it naturally progressed into sewing cloth diapers and clothing when my first child was born in 1990. I added embroidery several years ago and have been enjoying that aspect combined with handmade childrens items ever since.

In 2003 I started an online resale shop called Sweet Taters and retailed Happy Heiny's and Bummis, along with a few other WAHM made diapers and my own diapers. I was overwhelmed within a year and very busy...too busy with my newest baby who was on the verge of being neglected because mom was always sewing, sorting and packing up orders! I eventually just closed the store.

In 2005 I got a new embroidery machine, started Wicked Cool Creations, and began sewing diapers again, only this time with embroidery and selling more locally as well as on Hyena Cart. Then I began doing customs...lots and lots and lots of customs, and I hit a major burnout. I sold WCC in April 07.

So now, I am sewing under the name 3D...I call my youngest son DeebleDdo (or 3D for short). Currently I am sewing the remainder of a huge stack of diaper cuts I found in my closet that didn't manage to make the move with WCC and I am working on drafting my pattern for an AIO that I plan to make and sell along with a few other things.

My husband and I have 4 children and are in the process to adopt a sibling trio from Africa (until two weeks ago we were decided on Haiti...funny how God changes life on a dime!). We are a pretty natural minded Christian family, what some would consider 'crunchy' and live in northern Idaho.

Here is a sampling of items currently in my store:

♥ Etsy Cloth Diapers Sampler! ♥

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