Monday, February 18, 2008

Newborns grow WAY TOO FAST! :o)

Too many mom's have the same complaint...New born sized diapers and clothing only fits for a couple of weeks! Unless baby is a Preemie, or on the small side, most will be in their "3 month" size items before the are one month old! A customer recently asked me if I would be willing to make her some diapers and covers, that would fit "A long time"....ok, I thought, I'll give it whirl! Here's what I made for her, and will take customs on!! (Note that each diaper/cover has the same dimensions as the other; but one of each is snapped down to fit an itty bitty newborn...and can adjust to fit up to an almost 20 pound Baby!) The use of professionally applied poly-resin snaps make a custom fit a BREEZE!


  1. Nice looking diapers Georganne! They look so trim even when snapped down. :)

  2. Thanks! That's why I love them, lol, most "one size" dipes can be too bulky for NewBorns, so "2 sizes in 1" just made sense ;)


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