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A New (England) Shop
I sell hand crocheted wool soakers, skirted soakers, longies, and other items. I have both ready to ship items as well as custom orders in your choice of color, size and pattern.
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Anktangle Creations
Amy makes crocheted wool diaper covers (soakers), baby leggings, wool dryer balls, and other items. She loves creating custom orders!
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April's Baby
april's baby strives to make adorable and affordable cloth diapers, covers and accessories. Custom orders are always welcome.
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Beat's Boutique
Beat's Boutique sells a PDF sewing pattern for a winged/tabbed prefold, cloth wipe solution bits, baby butt butter (diaper rash cream), winged/tabbed prefolds, fleece soakers and other items.
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Blessed Bee Baby
I specialize in Bamboo Wrap Tab Prefolds, fleece covers, cloth wipes and pocket diapers. I love customs!
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Boulevard Designs
We sell longies, upcycled fitted diapers, and cloth diaper sets, as well as other items.
Boulevard Designs Blog

Hand Knitted and Upcycled Wool Diaper Covers, Skirties, Longies, and Footies, Wet Bags, Cloth Wipes, One Size Pockets, Pocket Fitteds, and other items for moms, pets, and the household.
BrightRoseCreations on Facebook

Cheeky Cloth
Cheeky Cloth One-Size Organic Bamboo fitted diapers and Organic Bamboo AI2 diapers are designed to be trim fitting yet very absorbent and are always made with fashionable prints. You will find trainers and other items made by Cheeky Cloth too!
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Easy On The Tush
I sell AIOs, Covers, Prefolds, Pockets, Wipes and other things.
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Fancy Cloth Baby
Selling Newborn Ai2 bundles, Organic Fitted Diapers, Pocket and Ai2 diaper covers since 2011
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Fruit of the Womb Diapers
Diaper Covers, All in One Diapers, Petitfold/flatfold Cloth Diapers, One Size diapers, Pocket diapers, Fitted Diapers, and other items.
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I sell all styles of cloth diapers: prefolds, custom sized flats,sized & OS fitteds, pockets, AIO, AI2 and covers, wetbags, cloth wipes, and other items.
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I comstomize in wool and pul diaper covers and other handmade items. I am always happy to answer any questions about cloth diapering or I can refer you to some great resources.. feel free to contact me.
GotEmCovered on Facebook

One Size Pocket Diapers, OS Diaper Covers, Inserts/Doublers, Wet Bags, Cloth Wipes, and other items
GreenBeansDiapers on Facebook

Hippy Chic Diapers
Selling cloth diapers (for babies & dolls), diaper inserts, cloth wipes & holders, and other items.
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Holden's Landing
Holden's Landing: Cloth diapers as unique as your child. Specializing in hand dyed, embroidered organic bamboo
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Janes Crafty Corner
Cloth Pocket Diapers, Inserts, Baby Wipes, Fleece Liners, Changing Pads and other things
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La Petite Krott Creations
Hand Knit Woolies and Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diapers
La Petite Krott Creations on Facebook

Focused on upcycling and repurposing, this shop is an eco-friendly collection of all things for baby and mommy. Specialty: wool longies and soakers
LayBebeLay Blog

Wet bags, pail liners, custom sized and designed cloth diaper wet bags and pail liners, and other items.
LilStuff Blog

Upcycled wool diaper covers, wool sleep sacks, wool change pads and other items.

Little Boppers
Plush and stylish cloth diapers and covers you'll love to show off! Featuring Fitted, Hybrid Fitted, and All-in-2 Cloth Diapers, as well as Covers, in both Sized and One Size options.
Little Boppers on Facebook

Living Green Baby
At Living Green Baby you'll Find Trimsies Bamboo All-in-ones and Trainers, Apple Dumpling Gear hand dyed Wool and Fleece Longies, as well as Cloth Wipes and solution and Other items for Mom and Baby!
Living Green Baby on Facebook

Mama Kay Designs
Pocket diaper, upcycled wool covers, fleece covers, fitteds, and other items.
Mama Kay Designs on Facebook

Nommy's Nappies
Fluffy nighttime pocket hybrid fitteds, dual gusset and regular pocket diapers, OS and newborn covers, wipes, inserts, and wool covers.
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Omee's Boutique
I sell Cloth wipes that are made of two layers of premium quality 100% cotton flannel that is soft and absorbent.
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Payley knits and crochet
I sell had knit custom wool diaper covers featuring fun stripes, faces, scrappy style and ruffle butt longies, shorties and skirted. All hand knit in the USA in a smoke and pet free home.
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AIO One Size Cloth Diapers, cloth wipes, wool longies, shorties, skirties, Fitted Cloth Diapers, and other items.
PicklenoseCreations on Facebook

Waterproof Covers, Upcycled T-Shirt & Jean Diapers & Covers, Cotton Diaper Flats, All-Natural Baby Bum Spray, Flannel Cloth Wipes and other items.
RebelCloth on Facebook

Sazzy Baby Assets
I create and sew Sized Cloth Diaper Covers, Pouch Pocket Pull Through One Sized Diapers, Prefolds, Inserts, and other things.
Sazzy Baby Assets on Facebook

Sew Me a Garden
Fresh, homegrown sewing patterns including the Trimsies cloth diaper pattern and the Trimsies training pants pattern.
Sew Me a Garden on Facebook

Sweet Violet's Mama
Recycled wool diaper covers in all styles,cloth wipes, wet bags, and other items. I also stock PUL diaper covers on occasion.
Sweet Violet's Mama on Facebook

cloth diaper accessories such as flat diapers, diaper liners, pail liners, wet bags and wipes as well as other baby items.
SweetBobbins on Facebook

Turk & Bean
An eclectic shop selling cloth diapers and diapering accessories along with other items.
Turk & Bean on Facebook

Zany Zebra Designs
Specializing in unique handcrafted applique designs created so no two are alike. Featuring "perfect size" All-in-2s, Pockets and Fitted Cloth Diapers, Appliqued Prefolds, and other boutique items. We love custom orders!
Zany Zebra Designs Blog

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