Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of JULY! In celebration of our Nation, I'm offering a coupon code for anyone to use - enter JULY4th during checkout for FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on your orders!!! (Coupon will expire on July5th.)

I will be away from July 1 through July 5th. I'm leaving the shop open, and will ship orders and answer convos upon my return, no later than July 6th. (And if you're curious, we're going camping...and yes, I'm bringing cloth diapers along - maybe I should write an entry about camping with cloth.)

Thanks so much! Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prefolds Trainers are versatile

One of the things I like about cloth diapering is the many, many options available. There are so many cloth diaper methods out there, that if you try one system, and don't like it, you can easily try another. This allows moms to find a system that works best for their families. Some moms like Pockets...others like All in Ones or fitteds with covers...I even hear tell that there are some die hard prefold lovers out there! The bottom line is, all cloth diapers, trainers included, are versatile. What other garment gives you this many options?

A few months back, I had neglected the diaper laundry, and needed a diaper for baby K. All that was left in the diaper drawer were his sister's trainers. (You can't see pink diapers under pants, you know!). I put one of Sister S's trainers on Baby K, and it worked wonderfully. So, not only do Little Moose Prefold Trainers work as training pants, but, they can double as a diaper in a pinch. Lay a booster in, and you've just increased your wetness protection.

But wait, it gets better - don't I sound like an infomercial. Several customers have told me they have had successs using Little Moose Prefold Trainers as a swim diaper. Now, for the money minded momma, that can only mean one thing - savings! Spending money on a training pant that doubles as a swim diaper, now that's frugality at it's finest!

If you're past the potty training stages, and have no need for the absorbency of a prefold trainer, be sure to shop for swim diapers or view this Treasury featuring swim diapers made by Etsy Cloth Diapers Team members.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A wick-free cover . . . in cute prints?

Any experienced cloth diaper mama can probably tell you that any cover or AIO diaper with a cute print on the outside has the danger of wicking, or leaking moisture to the outside. Why is that? Because most cute prints come in cotton, an absorbent fabric. When you laminate cotton or layer cotton fabric over PUL, the outside cotton will somehow find a way to grab onto any bit of moisture from the inside and pull it out like a sponge to moisten the outside of the diaper. This won't cause a problem if you change your baby immediately when he is wet, but we all have those inevitable moments at the grocery store when we just can't change the baby so quickly. So what is a fashion-conscience baby to do? You can stick with solid colors which are almost always laminated polyester (synthetic fibers=no wicking), OR you can find diapers and covers that sport polyester prints on the outside.

As the owner of Bundles of Joy, I search far and wide to find cute polyester prints to put on the outside of my diaper covers. These are not always easy to find, but they are out there. One of the best sources of cute & funky polyester print is the vintage market (thrift stores, garage sales) where one can find great old polyester knit prints in uncut yardage when someone cleans out their old fabric stash. This orange rose print is an example of some great fabric I found at the thrift store.

And sometimes I find some great article of clothing to upcycle into a diaper cover!

Of course I find new polyester fabric as well, it just takes some searching to find a print I like that is stretchy and synthetic, like the tie-dye print above or this 100% polyester panne velvet:

Remember, it is always best to change your baby as soon as he/she is wet. But it's also nice to know that your cover won't leak!
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