Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brand New Product from Simply Sanity Creations

Ever wished you could continue the use of wool into potty learning? I did too. So I created this wool trainer shell. The one listed currently is a size medium, and should fit:
waist measurement of 14-20"
thigh measurement of 9-15"
rise measurement of 18"

The trainer shell is made from slightly felted navy wool flannel with an inner layer of unfelted cream colored interlock. The front of the trainer features applique lines to look like big boy underwear. There is a diaper twill insert that snaps in also.

The shell also doubles as a diaper cover if you need to use a thicker diaper overnite.

Girl style coming soon....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Size Fits Most Wool Diaper Covers - Shorties and Longies

Introducing The Ribbie! This is a NEW and Unique design from La Petite Krott Creations!! In this time of economic uncertainty, La Petite Krott understands the importance of affordable and reusable products. This is the reason I designed the one size fits most Ribbie. This should fit from about 15lbs to 35lbs, depending on the baby of course. No need to buy a different size every few months...the Ribbie should last you forever!

The Ribbie features vertical ribbing throughout the entire piece, making it super stretchy. The rise is high enough to cover any diaper, even bulky nighttime ones. This can be folded down for smaller babies. These are knitted in the round, so there are no seams making it stretchy all the way around! I made the rear wider than the front, giving it extra room for the diaper. These are available as shorties or longies. For the longies style, you will need to fold up or scrunch up the legs (like leg warmers) to fit the smaller babies.

The Ribbie is made with 100% peruvian highland wool. Available in many colours and custom orders are welcomed :)

Wool is a great alternative to petroleum based diaper covers. They wick away moisture from the diaper, allowing it to evaporate. They can absorb up to 40% of their own weight before feeling wet. They are also breathable, anti-bacterial, fire resistant, and all natural! What more could you want?
Please visit my Etsy shop for more information.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer weight Wool Covers for the girls

I've been hard at work stocking my shop,, with summer weight woolies! I just love adding fun and unique details to them. Here are a few currently for sale for the girly girls out there. Be sure to check my shop, I'm always adding new items! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Patriotic Listings

You still have time to purchase some diapers & covers to celebrate the upcoming summer holidays! Here are a few more brand new listings from our team:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patriotic Theme for June

Get ready to show your true colors! Our theme for the month of June will get your little one ready for Flag Day (June 14th), Canada Day (July 1st), or Independence Day (July 4th). Click on any picture below for a link to the respective shop.

Monday, June 1, 2009


In regards to cloth diapers, wool has many uses. Longies are pants made traditionally from wool sweaters. Wool soakers are knitted or sewn from wool sweaters as well. A Wool Diaper Cover, or Wool Wrap as I like to call them, is made from either a sweater or wool interlock. When used with cloth diapers, wool makes an excellent 'waterproof' barrier. Wool can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture while also 'repelling' the moisture. It is a property known as hygroscopic property.

When wool items are lanolinized, they have been soaked in a solution of water and lanolin. Lanolin is the natural oil or fat secreted by sheep's skin glands. Lanolin also has water-repellent properties. So when you add lanolin to a wool diaper cover, or longies, you have further ensured no moisture will escape the diaper beneath.

While wool soakers, covers, or longies can by made using only 80% wool, I prefer to use 100% wool articles. This ensures the wool items I make are of the best functioning quality.

Cloth Diaper users are already contributing greatly to the reduction of trash created in our world. When a family uses a recycled wool item for their child, they are increasing the trash reducing benefits since that wool item was already an unwanted clothing article.
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