Monday, June 1, 2009


In regards to cloth diapers, wool has many uses. Longies are pants made traditionally from wool sweaters. Wool soakers are knitted or sewn from wool sweaters as well. A Wool Diaper Cover, or Wool Wrap as I like to call them, is made from either a sweater or wool interlock. When used with cloth diapers, wool makes an excellent 'waterproof' barrier. Wool can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture while also 'repelling' the moisture. It is a property known as hygroscopic property.

When wool items are lanolinized, they have been soaked in a solution of water and lanolin. Lanolin is the natural oil or fat secreted by sheep's skin glands. Lanolin also has water-repellent properties. So when you add lanolin to a wool diaper cover, or longies, you have further ensured no moisture will escape the diaper beneath.

While wool soakers, covers, or longies can by made using only 80% wool, I prefer to use 100% wool articles. This ensures the wool items I make are of the best functioning quality.

Cloth Diaper users are already contributing greatly to the reduction of trash created in our world. When a family uses a recycled wool item for their child, they are increasing the trash reducing benefits since that wool item was already an unwanted clothing article.


  1. I love using wool as a diaper cover! My favorite!

  2. I've been making longies and shorties from felted wool sweaters from thrift stores and they work great for winter!



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