Monday, March 17, 2008

Here it is

Upon the upcoming arrival of my 4th baby I decided I needed a new supply of cloth diapers, being the frugal mama I am, I did not want to have oodles of sizes of diapers, so I decided I needed to come up with a design that fit from very small until the wee one was ready for the potty.

I spent much time creating, cutting, sewing, tweaking, cutting and sewing until I came up with what I think is a great fitting diaper.

Well a couple weeks ago I came across that pattern and some material that was cut but not yet sewn. I decided it was time to make them up and clean out the sewing room. I loved it so much that I kept on sewing and now have a couple of selections in my shop:
and well needless to say my sewing room is now more messy than before LOL.

It is a One-size-fits-all/most cloth fitted diaper made of
soft cotton flannel. This is designed to fit your baby from 10 to 30 + pounds. There are 2 snap settings on the front to shorten the diaper for a small baby making the rise total 13 1/2" opened fully the rise totals 18" and then there is an in between setting as well. The waist ranges anywhere between 14"-23". Sandwiched between the layers is a double terry layer to absorb, for even the heaviest of wetters. The waist has touch tape closure and the legs and back are elasticised to keep the leaks in and is also available without touch tape for those who prefer snappis or pins. The wings have fold over tabs to prevent diaper chaining in the laundry. The inside seams are serged, before turning and then reinforced with a topstich. This diaper is built to last for it's years of use! Includes an overnight soaker made of thick terry sandwiched between matching designer flannel.
Penny ;)

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  1. Last week my mom sent me to your etsy group and I loved it. Now my dh sends me your blog...too funny! Your diapers look great. I sure wish I could walk into my sewing room and create something so fantastic ;)

    Autumn Beck


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