Monday, March 10, 2008

Designer Diapers? You Betcha!

First a brief intro:
I'm the Mama Bee behind LilBees. I had been sewing professionally for several years (costuming and then bridal) when I got pregnant and started thinking about cloth diapers. I borrowed a diaper from a friend and traced it, then spent the next several months refining the pattern and sewing process... What I make now is a simple touchtape-closure AIO with PUL outer and microfleece inner. It's quite trim and I LOVE them!
Here's a sample: I also sew wetbags, cloth menstrual pads, and an assortment of baby stuff (burp cloths, bibs, tabbie blankets, and really cool snuggle blankets!)

Recently though I've jumped into something else: designer fitteds!

One day Hubby said "hey, do you think you could make a diaper that looked like the Norwegian flag?" (he lived there for a couple of years, and our baby has a Norwegian name).
Hmm, like this?
Well that went over well, so then I had to try something with some t-shirt fabric I had:

I was not happy with how it worked with a hidden PUL layer (I got wicking and wear on the corners), so I decided to go with fitteds. (click on the picture to go to the listing!)

Why spend the time to make a designer diaper in a fitted that's just going to have a cover over it? Well, my baby spends a lot of time around the house going coverless!

  • If he gets a rash--no covers
  • For doing Elimination Communication/Infant Potty Training--no covers
  • For EC or IPT part time--no covers at home
  • For early potty learning--no covers
  • For any kid who is rash-prone--no cover at home means it's easier to tell as soon as he/she is wet, and get them changed sooner.
  • They're great for taking pictures (professional or snapshots)

And even if you are the only one who ever sees this darling diaper, it's still a great diaper! With a stay-dry, stain-resistent, easy-clean microfleece panel on the inside, and 8 layers of absorbant cotton, it's a great diaper even if it weren't so cute!

Have a dream design of your own? Let me know, I'm willing to take on anything!

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