Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Eli Monster

Hi everyone. I thought I'd show you some of my more recent additions to The Eli Monster

I am in love with some of our newer designs. My SO is a product designer so he hopped on board and designed a few for the shop. After much research and endless idea boards, I chose a few.

The SpeedyPants is his favorite design so far. We love it for our crawler who just Speeds Away!

We also off the SpeedyPants in Red.

I also make print AIOs in an array of designer prints. I've recently updated my print selection but am always on the lookout for more great prints!

We offer a variety of hand silk screened rock and roll AIOs for those parents who don't want the traditional looking diaper. Our diapers are super trim yet super absorbent and will last through many children! Visit The Eli Monster to see the many styles of AIOs plus Covers and Embelished Prefolds. Thanks for looking!

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