Friday, March 28, 2008

Crochet Shorties Patterns!

Hello! My name is Kristen, and I love to crochet! I've been designing items (mostly scarves, sweaters, and baby blankets) for about 5 years now. Not long after my son, Alistair, was born, a customer asked me to make a diaper wrap. I had no idea what that was! I thought I could never use cloth diapers--that they just wouldn't work for our family and would be too much work for me. Well, my customer convinced me otherwise, and now my little man wears cloth diapers!

I made designed the diaper cover, but it really wasn't too fabulous (I'm still working on improving the pattern), but I also made some shorties, and they were adorable! So, I wrote the pattern for them. They are super easy to make and just look how adorable they are!

I had another request for shorties with a star on the bum. They turned out to be super cute too! The patterns for both the striped and the star shorties are available in my shop:

The directions include instructions on how to adjust the rise to fit your little one, and they can--of course--be made into longies!

I'll also make the shorties for you if you don't crochet!

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  1. Your shorties are too cute =D I love crocheting too. Im pretty new to it, started in January ;) My favorite things to crochet currently are stuffed toys =)


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