Sunday, October 28, 2012

Save money and natures in your housekeeping

You need not to choose ecological cleaning products you can find many ecological and effective cleansers at your home. 

There is some:

Backing  soda 

The more popular product in housekeeping and the one of the oldest.  You can use them in laundry soda can be added to basic laundry detergent, in this case you can use less detergent as usually because soda increase effectiveness of detergent. 
 If you have not so dirt clothes you can wash them only with soda. You need add about 2 -3 tablespoons to one load. 

Soda can be very good cleanser and it has also abrasive properties. You can use soda everywhere we need abrasive - WC, bath, kitchen. Very good result you get if you mix soda with a little amount of you favorite universal cleanser.  Soda also keeps good smell in your WC. 

Citric acid

Also popular product in our kitchens but we can use them in housekeeping too. 

In laundry you can add citric acid in the place of softener. Citric acid soft finish rinsing water and give softness to you clothes. Citric acid is good reagent of inorganic substances such as calcium what is found on the shower, WC and kitchen.  Clean this places with pure citric acid. 

Citric acid can be used everywhere where you need good and fresh smell, clean this places with citric acid solution and bad smelt will be  gone away.

Citric acid also works as light whitener. You can clean  of for you clothes  light dirt of berries an fruits.   The same is with your hands, citric acid helps to clean your hands for dirt stays after of work in  garden and kitchen. 


The most popular properties of salt is abrasive. If you have carbon residue bowler pour in the salt and clean with brush your bowler stays clean faster. 

Coffee waste

Coffee wastes works as good freshener. You have bad smell in your refrigerator. Put in coffee waste and pure smell will be gone away.

There can be found more and more products at our home what we can use in others ways as theirs direct properties. 

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  1. Great suggestions, thanks. I hadn't heard that about the coffee grounds.


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