Monday, June 2, 2008

A little slice of Heaven...

I've been on hiatus for quite awhile, but while I'm here, I've been considering some items I want to debut. I already have listed my Goodnight Hugs, which are designed to be the perfect fitting nighttime diapering solution, featuring an outer layer of PUL in a blue or soft nighttime color, an inner layer of soft low pile suedecloth to pull moisture away from your baby's tender skin and into the core of the diaper where it belongs (letting baby continue to sleep soundly without waking cold-bottomed and wet) : A pocket opening in the back (elasticized on both edges, I have never been keen on pocket openings that slip down or up and stick out the back of the diaper) to stuff my Fold-N-Stuff© Hemp Jersey Inserts into. Fold-N-Stuff© Inserts are made of 4 thirsty layers of hemp jersey with a pocket opening on one end of the insert itself, in case you need even more absorbency than the thirsty 8 (12 in the pocket area) layers you get when you fold them in half.

Stay tuned for another new item (hopefully in time for Independence Day) Just Like Sposies© all-in-one diapers, with the look and convenience of a disposable, but all the reusablility and fit of a cloth diaper

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