Monday, July 7, 2008

Los Chiquitos Diapers now on Etsy

Very cool to have a blog on cloth diapers where we can all contribute. I hope this helps enlighten people to cloth diapers in general. I know and some of you ladies know me. I've been selling diapers since 1999 on my website, Last year I was thinking about closing the store and not doing it anymore. Well, what a difference a year makes. Now I'm excited not only that I've learned to update my own website but now I can have already made diapers in my store. Something I wanted to do on my website but couldn't.
Yes, MY Store! Cool , isn't it-having your own store online. What I really love about Etsy is that the listing are low, the item stays for 3 months and everything is hand made. I have been able to branch out on more than diapers because of the store. I've been doing other sewing and its awesome to sell it. I mean I can't keep it all, can I?

Anyway, I am starting to put some 3 packs up in my etsy store. I figured a lot of mamas and papas want to save on shipping. Also, a good way to get started on cloth diapering and not have to wait on custom orders.
I have my latest one up in the Chiquitos diapers section. I hope to be able to put a pack up at least every 2 weeks.

Happy Diapering,

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