Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's so great about pins anyway?

I was having a conversation with my husband today about why I love diapers with out snaps or aplix. He even asked to learn how to pin today! So I taught him and he got it!. I am so proud of him. Then we talked about what are the benefits of using pins and snappis and why people like using them over snaps or aplix.

While some may think using pins is old fashioned, there are several great reasons why they are my top fastening choice. I hear many times Mamas saying that their little one can easily take off their snapped or aplix diapers and making a huge mess. With locking head pins it is nearly impossible for them to do this. Even up to age 5 opening one is tricky.

Pinning also allows for great size adjustability, and NO diaper snakes in the wash! NO yellowed, curled, and fuzzied aplix either.

You aren't confined by specific snap placement and also don't have to worry about your snaps getting mishapen in the dryer, causing them not to snap properly.

Often times you can get a pinnable diaper to fit a super small baby all they way up to a chunky toddler. This makes Pinnable diapers so much more economical. The bottom line is they last longer, and they fit longer.

It does take some practice to get pinning right, but once you get it you will love it!

Here are some key tips I tell my customers.
1) make sure that you have 2 fingers on the underside of the fabric to protect baby.
2) pull fabric so it is stretched tight.
3) enter the fabric so the pin is positioned horizontally and come back out through the fabric about an inch away from where you entered.
4) Buy good quality sharp pins. I buy curved metal locking head pins.

The fabrics I chose in my diapers are easy to pin and snappi, the pins glide through the Organic Bamboo/Cotton terry like butter and the snappis grab hold of the terry loops easily as well. Check out my Flexible Fitteds and Night Righters in my etsy shop!


  1. i grew up with pinning diapers (mom used flats, so we had to fold them then pin them...) Anyway here's a tip for keeping pins sharp: Run the pin through your hair (along your scalp). It will pick up some of the oils from your head, and that helps it slide through the fabric super easy. :D

  2. Yay! I love using pins too, mostly so I can keep my embellished prefolds on tightly (a Snappi works, too, but doesn't hold the crotch area up so good if baby/toddler is real active).

  3. Jenna- I had the same problem with prefolds too, even though I loved their price and simplicity, I found I needed more absorbency and mess containment so that is how I came up with my design. (I have been working on it for roughly 7 years)
    I have heard the diva fold is good for active babies since you snappi or pin in the back rather than the front.

  4. I really liked having pins around too. I like them better than Snappis. (I also used diapers with closures) I used to sell Dritz pins but I can't find them anymore for wholesale. I won't even suggest pins to moms visiting www.momandbabyboutique.com because I think all pins other than Dritz are garbage.

    Breezy babies: I'm going to google diva fold - I've not heard of that one! Thanks

  5. here is a link

    and the pins I get are from green mountain diapers
    they are nice and sharp!

  6. I am too chicken for pins. But I like my snappies.


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