Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing I Dream In Green

photo links to idreamingreen's shopcloth diaper cake
I just joined the Etsy Cloth Diaper Street Team and would like to introduce myself!

I am Elizabeth, mom to Grace 6, and Rue 2, and now the proprietress of idreamingreen on Etsy where I have begun selling cloth diaper cakes. Eventually I will be offering gift cakes and bouquets made from other reusable and functional cloth items. You’ll also see a few knitted items here and there, as I love wool almost as much as cloth diapers.

Why cloth diaper cakes?

First of all, I love cloth diapering for many reasons including saving money, lowering my environmental impact, and never running out of diapers. Plus I think cloth is more breathable and comfortable for my babies (neither of their bums has ever touched a disposable diaper!). But I was really inspired to start idreamingreen after getting some requests for cloth diaper cakes at Park + Vine, the awesome “green general store” where I work. Before making the first one, I looked around online for ideas, but saw very few that I liked. I wanted to make something that would show off the natural beauty of simple cloth diapers, without being gaudy, cutsey (read completely unappealing) or “fake” looking. The first cake turned out just as I had wanted, and I was hooked! I hope to be able to send lots of beautiful cloth diaper cakes out into the world as special gifts for new parents who are just starting out with cloth diapers.

So what exactly is a diaper cake?

Very simply, it is a bunch of useable diapers and other baby essentials that are artfully arranged to look like a cake. Why? Well, its fun, and its cute. What other reasons do you need? They can include baby skincare and bath items, clothing, receiving blankets, toys, and more. My cakes are made exclusively from high quality, eco-friendly reusable diapers and cloth wipes. Any other diapering accessories, organic clothing, toys or natural skincare items can be added on from there.

In case anyone is wondering, when not “baking” diaper cakes, my time is spent naturally mothering (homebirthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, homeschooling), cooking healthy local food, knitting, researching green buildling/renewable energy, and keeping up with laundry.


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