Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding absorbent underwear/diapers for those with special needs

This is a follow up to last week's post which was an introduction to cloth diapering those with special needs.

Suzanne's Special Kids is an Etsy Cloth Diaper team shop that specializes in cloth diapering items for bigger children (and adults). It began for her for several reasons. Many are the same reasons everyone else does…cost, environmental issues, and the cuteness factor. She found as her son got older he had sensitivities to many brands of disposables so health reasons began to factor in. Her main reason to use cloth is that she doesn’t wear gel stuffed paper underwear so doesn't feel like her children should either! Her son actually gives that “ahhhh” relief sigh when he's changed into cloth after wearing a disposable. They call them absorbent underwear at their house - they're not going on babies anymore, afterall!

It's surprisingly difficult to find cloth diapers and accessories for people sized larger than "toddler". There are WAHM’s that make larger sizes but they can be quite difficult to find. Searches tend to find mass produced items or unrelated items even when you refine your search. She searched for several months just to find base patterns to sew her own before starting her business. Even now there are limited patterns available for purchase. But, you can find them WAHM made, and the quality and uniqueness are well worth it

If you'd like to read more about Suzanne's story, click here.


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  3. thankyou for sharing this information
    it so hard to find a cloth diaper for an adult especially one who suffer with incontincence
    i think it would be easier on the pocket compared to the molicare disposable as they are expensive bren

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  5. Having dealt with a family of bedwetters we stuck with the traditional cloth and plastic pants. The kids had no issues with it and it was easy enough to fold in another diaper or doubler as they became necessary. Having come from a family of bedwetters I can understand that these things are not easy and there are many ways to travel with this. It comes down to what's the best in your case.


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