Monday, August 30, 2010

525 Dipe

Diapers are like denim. We all have that one style that fits us like a glove. This is how I explain the wide variety of dipes at my etsy store.

I make some diaper covers and fall in love with their fit on my little one. Others I don't care for & list them up at a discount. There are so many diapers out there, it really is a combination of personal preference and matching it up with your little ones shape.

Enough gabbing... here's some more info on the 525 dipe.

"525 Dipe" Features the following:

* Laundry tabs
* Hook & loop touchtape closure
* 3 Different rise settings 10" relaxed to 17" stretched
* Waist is 12"-20" relaxed
* Tabs cross over at the waist
* Waterproof layer of PUL on the inside
* Decorative cotton fabric on the outside

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