Friday, November 26, 2010

The amazing cloth wipe! by FancyCloth

I am in love with cloth wipes. Using cloth wipes with your cloth diapering routine can save you atleast an extra $500 dollars or more. I will cover some basics about the fabrics I have used, wipe solution recipes, and storage. There are so many options to choose from it's incredible. My first creation on cloth wipes was 5 cut up baby towels given to me my sister in law. I was used to disposables so I just eyed that measurement, I turned out with sizes ranging from 4 x4 to 7 x6 to 8 x 8, serged edges, one-ply, and two-ply. to see what I liked. I didn't stop there I started getting fancy with the wipes and using my soft cuddle minky and cotton knit combos, they ended up being AMAZING lathering wash clothes because of the way I stitched them. I ended up using them to pamper myself.
Myself and everyon eother wonderful diaper maker on the Etsy cloth diapering team take a lot of time out of their life to make these cloth diapering items for my our families and others because it's what we do. Personally I have been sewing for 10 years and went to fashion design school, AND in school I thought I was going to France working in a Haute Couture house *end of tangent*

After the number of experiments we have our favorite household favorites.
-My husband likes 2 ply-cotton knit wipes. There are soft, wipe up well, and you can get them in the cutest prints ever!
-My favorite is one side hemp fleece and one side hemp knit which I do offer at my shoppe as well as many other one of a kind novelty fabrics for fun!
When I am done using the wipes I just toss in with the diaper pail..sometimes I pre-rinse in the toilet sometimes I don't it depends on what is going on at the moment.

As far as wipe solutions, I haven't tried any special solutions on the market but I have thrown a few together with stuff around my house starting with my favorite at the top feel free to use this recipes for your wipe solutions too. I use a glass bottle or jar of some kind usually. I do not like plastic. Some people store in a spray bottle or peri bottle (like what dish soap nozzles look like)  I made using most of these using a 32 oz bottle.

Olive Oil TSP
Baby soap TSP
Water 32 oz

Tea Tree Oil (1-3) drops
Lavender Oil (1-3) drops
Water (32 oz)

Chamomile tea ONE TEA BAG SEEPED
Water 32 OZ
Olive oil TSP

*be careful with tea tree oil, it may irritate baby or you. If i get a good enough smell I will have a migraine for 2 hours.
*be cautious with any essential oil, it is potent stuff
*do not use A lot of soap it can dry babies bum
*Use 5-10 drops of tea tree oil in a old spray bottle for a great antibacterial spray..spray your diaper pail with it, spray your wipe storage with it, it's great to have around. I usually spray in my wipe storage before and after each change weekly.


-WIPE WARMER (I use this, but this is not necessary for cloth wiping at all)

Put dry wipes in container of your choice, shake wipe solution, or make right in container, pour perfect amount of solution over wipes to absorb..don't drench the wipes, you don't want them to soppy, squeeze out excess if need be. I kind of have it down to a science and you will have to figure that out on your own with practice


Keeping your wipes dry at all times and using a spray bottle or wetting them with water each change is a lot of work it seems, sometimes I do it, If I haven't made a bulk of wipes. This method also prevents any risk of getting moldy or smelly if they sat too long.

All my wipes are packaged in a wetbag pouch to store your wet or dry wipes on the go. This is how you easily store wet wipes to bring a long with me anywhere, no leaks ever. (or use a travel case from disposable wipes) If you do a dry method maybe bring around a travel spray bottle. Then store dirty wipes with dirty dipes. use a ziplock bag or I make a simple reusable wetbag pouch..for that ;)

Here are some fun cloth wipes, Serged edges assorted fabrics, colors. I mostly use hemp in ALL of my products unless other wise noted. I am a simpleton but  having fun is always necessary!!!!

Please see my cloth diapering blog for more helpful tips and experiences about cloth diapering

I am under going remodeling which is very exciting but that doesn't mean I can stop writing!

I would also like to announce the launch of my AIO quick dry, ultra thin cloth diaper that I am ever so proud among other products I spent hours, weeks, even months on creating

Next up, I am working on a detailed piece on laundering of cloth diapering. It is on my blog but I would like to add front loading washing machine tips before posting here!

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