Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrate Orange at Bundles of Joy

I'll admit, I am a big time fabric hoarder. I love shopping for beautiful printed velour, funky retro bath towels, and fabulous wool sweaters for repurposing. But I have a hard time cutting into them once I find them. If I use the fabric, then I won't have it anymore. I am trying to change my ways, and to give myself a jump-start, I dug through my stash for everything orange and cut it up to make some beautiful fluff.

Why orange? Because orange just seems so bright and happy for babies, so I love it. And when I find it, I tend to hang onto it because it's just so cool. But not anymore, it's all listed for sale in my shop. I have everything from vintage towels & repurposed wool to new bamboo fleece. So if you love orange like I do, come and take a look!


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