Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Caring for Your Wonderful, Wonderful Wool

Pure Lanolin from ECDT Member Katidids
Well, our month of wool is almost up, and I thought I'd take this chance to make sure our followers and especially the winner of our Wool Promo, are well informed about wool care products.

Last week we discussed how to care for your wool covers. You can go very basic with the stuff you have on hand, or buy premade wool care products.

Products for Washing and Lanolizing Your Wool:

Etsy Cloth Diaper Team Members Mama Made Wool Wash:
MamaBear Lanolizing Wool Wash For Hand or Machine Washing

Other Etsy Sellers Mama Made Wool Wash:
Woolie Beans - Wool Wash Solution with Lanolin
WoollyMomma Wool Wash
Wool Wash Liquid
WOOly Care Kit

Commercially Available Wool Wash (mostly free shipping):
CJs Liquid Wool Wash
Liquid Wooly Wash
LANA Lanolin Soap
Imse Vimse Wool Cure
Imse Vimse Wool Shampoo

Etsy Cloth Diaper Team Mama Made Lanolin:
Pure Lanolin with a Citrus Essential Oil Blend for dry skin, longies, soakers, other woolens, and spinning.
Pure Lanolin Unscented For Your Longies and Soakers
2 ounces of solid lanolin

Other Etsy Sellers Mama Made Lanolin:
Lanolin Balm for Lanolizing Wool

You can also use a Lanolizing Spray to waterproof your wool in between washings.
2 oz MamaBear Lanolizing Wool Spray
WoollyMomma Wool Conditioning Lanolin Spray

You can also make your own lanolizing spray with Liquid Lanolin.
Liquid Lanolin
Liquid Lanolin
Liquid Lanolin

For more information on how to lanolize and wash your wool covers, visit Etsy Cloth Diaper Team's Laundry Tips page.

I'd also like to highlight another wool product that ties in with cloth diapers: Wool Dryer Balls.
If you already use cloth diapers you know that fabric softeners and dryer sheets are a big no-no for cloth diapers. So what do you use? Yes, you can use those spiky little plastic dryer balls, but in my experience they do not hold up. The little bumps begin to break off and then they completely break in half. Wool dryer balls are great!

You can buy them commercially and there are plenty of Etsy sellers as well. OR you can make your own!

Etsy Cloth Diaper Team Dryer Balls:
Set of 5 LARGE Wool Dryer Balls
One 100% Felted Wool Dryer Ball

Loads of Wool Dryer Balls on Etsy!

Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls!

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