Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sponsor spotlight - Bright Rose Creations AND MARCH GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

An interview with giveaway sponsor Bright Rose Creations

She is giving away a $25 Store Credit in the March Giveaway

After getting to know her better make sure you check out all the offers in her etsy shop and on her facebook page
You can also follow along on her blog and pinterest page

Where did you get the name for your shop?
 My middle name is Rose, and my favorite flowers are roses. I love bright colors, and I always feel most creative in the bright sunshine. I decided to go with "creations" because I enjoy making such a variety of things. I love to paint, knit, and sew. I'm always expanding the products that I'm working on. It's fun to change it up and come up with new ideas.

Is it big business or a hobby? I treat it as a serious business, but I have limited time. I also work part time, and am a full time mother to three wonderful children. I try to find snippets of time during the day to sew and create. I take it very seriously, and try to make something to add to my website a couple times per week. I create such a large variety of items, because I like to change what I'm doing, and I also like to serve various customers.

Why do you like selling on Etsy?
I love etsy! It is such a wonderful, beautiful market place all over the world. There is such a wonderful, large customer base that is seeking unique, hand made items. I also love to shop and buy on etsy, and support other sellers.

How long have you been sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc.?
I have been painting for 20 years, knitting and sewing for 4 years.

What is your favorite thing to make at the moment?
My newest creation is knitting needle holders. They fold, roll up, and wrap to tie with a bow. They have multiple pockets to put needles, crochet hooks, and even paintbrushes in. They're so much fun to make, because they're so beautiful and functional. My biggest sellers, though, are my custom made cloth diaper for dogs! Cloth diapering isn't limited to just children! We can save resources for our furry friends, too!


What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about spending quality time with my family, and enjoying all the wonderful things they learn. It is such a joy to watch the little ones discover and explore their world.

What is your favorite thing in your shop at the moment? Why?
My favorite item in the shop right now is a beautiful, preemie/newborn size wool soaker in two tones of lavender. It is make out of a textured basket weave knit. It is so fun to make, and so beautiful.


Who/What is your inspiration?
I'm inspired by the beauty in the world. Beauty can be found in things that we see, friends that we know, and family that we love. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful support network of friends and family.

Why is cloth diapering important to you?
Cloth diapering is so much fun! My kids have really sensitive skin, and disposable diapers and wipes give them diaper rash, every time, without fail. I have fun using the cloth diapers, making the cloth diapers, and even washing the diapers!

What is your favorite or least favorite cloth diapering memory?
My least favorite cloth diapering memory happened a couple years ago. I have a wet pail that I use for "stinkies," and on wash day, I was lifting up the plastic tub to empty it into the utility sink in the laundry room. Well, the tub cracked in half, and that stinky, dirty water went EVERYWHERE! That was not a good day. But, I got it cleaned up, got a new tub, and that hasn't happened since. Hopefully never again

The winner for the March Giveaway are:
Aimee Place - A $25 store credit from Bright Rose Creations
Heidi Moner - One Size pocket diaper from Hippy Chic

You will be contacted by the owner of the winning store, please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize!

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