Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Sarah from WeeWarmWoolens

Sarah is the creator behind the shop WeeWarmWoolens. She offers wool soakers, shorties, and longies in addition to other adorable knit items. All of the fun colors in her shop caught my eye and I had to know more about the person behind all those cute woolens.  

How did you get started in making cloth diaper items?
I started knitting longies and soakers while pregnant with my second daughter. I knew I wanted to try cloth and thought I could save a lot of money if I knit all the covers myself. When I opened my shop on Etsy, I listed mostly hats because I didn't know there was such an awesome market for woolies. After listing a few pair of longies I started getting custom requests and it took off from there.

What is your favorite item to make?
That's tough, but I'd have to say longies. With all the pretty variegated yarns, it's hard to predict exactly what the finished product will look like. Watching the color pattern form as I knit is very entertaining. I also like the simplicity of the pattern. I've knit it so many times that now I could almost knit it in my sleep. 

I've seen photos of hand-dyed yarn on your Facebook page. Those look like so much fun. Can you tell us a bit about how you dye the yarn and the mediums you use?
I just started experimenting with hand dyeing yarn, and it is addictive! My dyes are nothing more than food coloring. Vinegar and heat set the dye. Some day I'll try acid dyes, but for now with two small kiddos I like that food coloring is nontoxic. My newest experiment is "confetti cake" yarn. I use an oatmeal colored base yarn and just go wild with the food coloring. It's cake with a lot of fiber, lol!

I love all the fun color combinations you use. Where do you get your inspiration?
I've always been drawn to color and I kind of just gravitate to bright and contrasting colors when I'm shopping for yarn. Sometimes I buy yarn with no plan for it in mind. It's only when I get home and put it with my other yarn that certain color combos pop.

Also, in many cases, the customer chooses the yarn...and I must say that my customers have great taste in color! :-)

Do you have any hobbies other than knitting?
Hmm, I crochet and I wish I could sew! Also, I'm trying to learn more about photography.

How does wool work as a water-resistant diaper cover? 
Wool is an amazing fiber. It can hold 30% of its weight in moisture before it starts to feel wet. The crimp in the fiber wicks away moisture and pulls it away from the body. Also, wool can be "lanolized." Lanolin is a natural oil that is found in a sheep's fleece, and it is very water repellent. Lanolizing is a very simple process and uses something many of us moms already have on hand; that purple tube of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. Wool has long gotten a bad rap for being scratchy, but today's yarns are anything but!

If you could tell someone curious about cloth diapers one thing that you love the most about them, what would it be?
There are so many options with cloth diapering and a perfect system for everyone. Plus, with all the awesome WAHM diapers out there, shopping for diapers can become a hobby in itself, lol!

Now that you know a little more about Sarah, you can stop by to meet her via the links below.



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