Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diaper Sprayers . . . Again

For those who read my last post about diaper sprayers, you might think that someone like me who owns TWO sprayers and even a potty pail would be pretty experienced with their use. Especially since I've been spraying out diapers every day for at least three years. Last October I mentioned the trouble with the powerful sprayer sometimes splashing poo on the bathroom walls (or on me, blech!). The potty pail does do an awesome job of containing the overspray, but the problem is that I keep it in the upstairs bathroom and sometimes when I change a diaper downstairs, I am just way too lazy to march up the stairs with a poopie diaper.

Well, I am pleased to announce that I just discovered a better way to spray without the dreaded splashing! (Some of you may laugh because you might have figured this out from the start.) I finally got the idea to fold the soiled diaper in half, inside-out (while holding it over the toilet, of course!), and then spray. Somehow this fold directs all the spray down inside the toilet, I think because it eliminates any upward curves of fabric that can send the water flying in the wrong direction. (Unfortunately, this method won't work with diapers that have fold-out soakers.) It also keeps the diaper from getting saturated in the toilet since no part of it is dipping into the water.

Wow, I am in love with my sprayer all over again!

1 comment:

  1. I never needed to do it with the smaller diapers...but at some point in the last year (with the larges) I did figure out how to fold them inside out. Probably because I didn't want to dip them...
    I guess it didn't hit me as an epiphany though, or I would have shared! LOL!


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