Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Simply Sanity Creations: New Dipes, and Specials

I just finished stocking some more OSFM (One-Size-Fits-Most, for the uninitiated) pocket diapers, including such beauties as this one:

Now some people love one size diapers, and some hate them. Personally, I created this pattern based on fitteds that fit my daughter to a T. One of the biggest arguments against One Size diapers is that they are too bulky on newborns, however, I have seen my design on a newborn. The baby in question was 10 lbs at birth and already too chubby to fit the crossover snap, so this is how I know they will fit pretty well starting at about 8-ish lbs. Also, in this picture you will notice that the daddy in question didn't use the snap down function for the shorter rise, so he just flopped the front of the diaper over the front. Also, he chose the birdseye cotton insert, which is a little bulkier than the microfiber insert I offer.

Why do I like one size diapers?

- For the most part, there is no need to buy more diapers as your baby grows, since the diapers grow with them.
- Easy to switch diapers between your toddler and your newborn
- Buying a stash of OSFM diapers is cheaper than buying a stash of NB, then a stash of SM, then MD, then LG, and maybe even XL, so it saves money in the long run, which is one of the reasons we're using cloth, right?

Sanity, of Simply Sanity Creations


  1. The best way to clean cloth diapers is to pre-rinse them off in the toilet using a Bathroom Bidet Sprayer. So convenient and if you are trying to help the environment (and your pocket book) you can give it a double whammy by virtually eliminating toilet paper use, at the same time as you benefit from using it on the diapers, by using it on yourself. I think Dr. Oz on Oprah said it best: "if you had pee or poop on your hand, you wouldn't wipe it off with paper, would you? You'd wash it off" Available at they come in an inexpensive kit and can be installed without a plumber. And after using one of these you won't know how you lasted all those years with wadded up handfuls of toilet paper. Now we're talking green and helping the environment without any pain.

  2. What the previous advertisement mentioned is true, however, if your baby is exclusively breastfed (not receiving ANY solids or formula) you don't need to rinse or dunk in the toilet because breastfed poo is water soluble and washes away in your wash like yogurt.

  3. You know better than I for sure about babies but your own poo is definitely not water soluble and the bidet spray is the best for personal hygiene, health and money savings (on toilet paper). Best regards, David

  4. Uh..David? i don't know about you but our diaper sprayer is hooked up to the toilet water supply and I sure as heck don't want ice cold water shooting in my sensitive areas.

  5. Couldn't agree more if you have really cold water, fortunately our water is fine. Cheers.


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