Monday, February 1, 2010

Cloth wipes

If you're already using cloth diapers, cloth wipes are an easy transition! You can wash them with your diapers and not need to worry about tossing disposable wipes separately (Or having them go through the wash on accident).

It's EASY! You can use regular washcloths, baby washcloths, make your own, or buy them from our wonderful team! I've found that terry cloth and flannel works the best for us, but you can also find them in velour, sherpa, and other fabrics. The terry seems to really have "scrubbing power", if you know what I mean.

I fold them and keep them in a basket with a foamer bottle of wipes solution. You can also use a spray bottle or spritzer bottle. Some people also use a wipes warmer and keep wet cloths handy (just be carefuly of mildew problems). You can get wipes solution in a liquid form, cube form, or you can also make your own! Some people just wet them in the sink with warm water on their way to the changing station.

For traveling, you can keep a small bottle of wipes solution, dry wipes, and a small wetbag. This also works really well for clean-ups on the go (at the park, restaurants, Grandma's house, etc.). (In fact, after switching to cloth wipes for baby bums, we've switched to cloth "kleenex" at our house since they're so much softer!!!)

Please leave a comment and share your cloth wipes ideas!


  1. I love cloth wipes! They work so much better than disposable wipes too - you only need one or at most two, not the 5 or so that you seem to need of disposables. I'm a sink wetter myself - I did the wipe solution and spray bottle when dd1 was first born, but eventually, I realized that plain water worked just as well... now I don't even warm it lol. We also use family cloth here (wipes instead of toilet paper). They also just get washed with the diapers. Also have to agree that a smooth side and a nubby side is a great wipe combo. Ours are jersey and hemp french terry right now, but the ones I use on my diaper cakes are cotton fleece (smooth side out) and sherpa on the back... I think any smooth/nubby combo works fine though! Thanks for the post :)


  2. I also like the 'scrubbing power' of terry. I make my wipes from old washcloths, cut in half, and I serge them to a layer of birdseye or I could do flannel or something else smooth. I like using the terry side first to get all the big stuff, then fold the cloth in half (with all the ick on the inside) and use the smooth side to give baby's bum a once-over and make sure it's all clean.
    I use warm water from the sink--diaper changes are much less traumatic when it's warm water rather than cold wipes on that sensitive little bottom!! I don't use wipes solutions or anything because my kids have sensitive skin--just plain water for us. I do have a little squirt bottle (an old peri bottle actually) half full of water in my diaper bag. I use it to wet my wipes when I'm out and about if I don't have easy access to a sink. I still prefer a sink if I can find one though, because the water in the bottle isn't warm. :)


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