Friday, December 17, 2010

Get some local fluff!

Christmas is only a week away, and many of the procrastinators are scrambling to purchase some last-minute gifts. If you are still wanting to buy some Christmas fluff from the cloth diaper team, you might find some sellers near you and skip the shipping time & cost! Visit our team website and click on "go local". This lists all our shops in alphabetical order by their State (or country for all shops out of the U.S., including 23 in Canada). You can browse through this list for your own city to find some cloth diapers near you.

I was reminded recently of the advantages of shopping local. I was contacted on Etsy from someone in my own town who asked if she could pick up some diaper covers and skip the shipping cost. Not only did she get to avoid paying shipping, I invited her over to see some other fabric choices that were not listed in my online shop. She got to see everything in person before she made her final purchase. Not to mention she got the instant gratification of purchasing something and having it immediately, instead of waiting for something to arrive in the mail.

And for those of us looking for non-diaper gifts, don't forget to use Etsy's Shop Local feature to find any etsy sellers in your area.

Merry Christmas!

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