Saturday, June 2, 2012

Craft project: Freezer Paper Stencils

Freezer Paper Stencils give you a quick and easy way to add a design to nearly anything - Tshirts, cloth napkins, even diapers! Our family has used freezer paper stenciled designs to cover up odd stains, to spruce up old shirts and pants, and to express our originality. Freezer paper stencils are a good project for kids to do (with adult help), as well.

You will need:
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paints (or regular paint if you don't plan to wash the item you're painting very often, such as curtains)
Tshirt, or anything else you want to put a design on

First, you will need to decide on a design. Start with something simple and not too detailed. (I used the Batman logo for my first one.)

Freezer Paper Stencil Step 1

Tape it face down on the back (paper/nonshiny) side of a large piece of freezer paper, and then cut out your design from both the paper and the freezer paper. A simple design can be cut with scissors, or you can use a craft knife on more complex designs. (Alternatively, you can just sketch a design directly on the back of the freezer paper, or even cut out your design from the paper and trace it onto the freezer paper.)

Freezer Paper Stencil Step 2

Pull off the paper printout of your design and discard. Then, position the freezer paper stencil that you've just made over whatever it is that you're going to stencil on. Iron the stencil in place. Use a hot iron and rub it back and forth over the stencil slowly until it's adhered nicely.

Freezer Paper Stencil Step 3

Get out your fabric paints and DAB paint onto your project. Don't pull or push the brush, just dab with an up-and-down motion. A few light layers are better than one thick layer. Apply one layer of paint, let dry, apply another if needed and let dry, and repeat as needed. I've had to use 3-4 layers for dark colors on light fabrics, but fewer layers when there's not such a contrast between paint and surface.

Freezer Paper Stencil Step 4

Keep that up until the design is completely painted. You can obviously use more than one color if you desire. Then, once the paint is COMPLETELY dry, pull off the stencil and enjoy your design.

Freezer Paper Stencil Step 5

Be sure to follow the instructions on the fabric paint - some brands need to be set with a hot iron or dryer before washing. (You can reuse the stencil one or two times before the wax is so melted off that it doesn't stick well any more.)

Just a few ideas to get you started:
skull and crossbones AIO diaper (please note, you can make these for your, but due to CPSIA regulations, you cannot make these for sale unless you plan to have them tested for lead in surface coatings.)

Three AIOs

Curious George Tshirts:
Curious George Tshirts

Contributed by Sarah Reid from Boulevard Designs and Wallypop.

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