Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY Day - baby wipes!

Making your own baby wipes is a simple craft that can save you some money as well as keep harsh ingredients away from your baby's delicate skin. This is a great craft for beginner crafters too!

If you have a sewing matching, all you need is some flannel fabric or even some flannel receiving blankets that are not being used. A great thin wipe can be made with two layers of flannel. If you would like a thicker wipe, you can use one layer of flannel backed with a layer of terry cloth (old towels would work great for this). Remember these don't have to look pretty since they will be used to wipe your baby's bottom!

Cut your fabric into squares. A good size for wipes is 8"x8".  You can of course make these wider or even 8"x12" would make a nice big wipe for the messier diaper changes.  I like to fold my fabric and only cut three sides, so the fourth side is on a fold.  This saves some cutting time as well.

Sew the edges using a zigzag stitch, or if you are lucky enough to own a serger, you can sew all around making rounded corners.

Once you are finished you can fold them neatly into your wipes case and you are ready for your wipes solution Check back Saturday May 4th for some great recipes!

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