Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is your baby a Breezy Baby?

Hi, My name is Andrea and I am the WAHM behind Breezy Babies.
I make great fitting bamboo diapers that dry quickly and fit a wide range of sizes.
I am so exited to be making these and selling them. I am a mom of 4 and have tried many many kinds of diapers. I finally came up with something that combined everything that I liked. My goal is to provide comfort and breathability at an affordable price.

It looks like fall is just around the corner! My favorite time of the year. Cozy Recycled wool longies and New wool longies will be in the shop soon. I think they will be a hit.
I have recently added a new version of my Pinnable Fitted to the shop called Prefold Shells.
They are great if you want to keep your prefolds, prevent blowouts and have a super quick drying system. I have also added my favorite goats milk soap. Its super creamy and gentle for you and baby. Lots more goodies to come.

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