Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Petit Mouton on Etsy. My first post on this blog!

Hi everyone!
My Etsy store is called Petit Mouton.
I have been member of this team for a few months but had not posted here yet... I make crocheted wool soakers using the Ladybugz licensed pattern. I have a shop blog too, check it out.

So first a little bit about myself and how my store started:
I have been knitting for at least 10 years now, and I learned to crochet about 5-6 years ago. Self taught at sewing when I decided to make diapers for my little one. Technically I am not a WHAM, since I work out of the house, but I have a long daily commute and I love to crochet in public transit! With my daughter, we use wool soakers over training pants during daytime since she is an EC'ed baby. I modify the patterns to make the butt smaller in order to fit a less bulky trainer. These also work great for sposie babies, so I have also made a couple cotton ones for moms not sold to cloth... But I intend to stock my store mostly with "regular cloth cut" wools. Too bad I had not discovered wool when our DD was littler, I guess it will be for the next one.

A few months ago we also started to use wool at night and we love it. It took a couple trial and error to find the "right" diaper to wear under, but we got it. A snappied premium prefold and a hemp doubler work like a charm for us under a pair of "full bum" shorties. She wakes up in a dry bed and without the "stinky bum" smell that the PUL pockets used to give her.

Why PetitMouton? Well, I am French Canadian expat in BC, Canada and it means "little sheep" in French, so I thought the name was perfect for woolies.

I like to work with wool, and also to include some alpaca blend in my woolies. Alpaca tends to be warmer than wool, but it is also very soft. For this reason, I like to use a yarn with just a touch of Alpaca. Check out the shorties and longies with a skirt that I have made with it.

I also have two hand-dyed BFL shorties coming. Look at these colors, won't that be lovely?

I would like to eventually add bamboo wipes and cloth diapers to my lines, but I do not know when... Maybe if someone installs a sewing machine on the train line I take I could squeeze time for that...

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