Monday, September 29, 2008

Real Diaper Week September 19-29

It's time for Real Diaper Week, the week when we, the etsy cloth diaper sellers, reach out to the world and help a few more families make the switch to cloth (the most real of diapers!).

We know cloth diapers can be expensive, especially when you need a lot of them... we're offering discounts and multi-diaper packages.

It can be overwhelming to figure out all the pieces you will need to get started... we're offering starter packs with everything included.

Cloth diapers may appear complicated... we're offering All-in-one designs that are as easy and simple as disposables.

Perhaps you'd like to sew your own diapers but don't know where to get the materials...
...we're even offering sew-your-own kits that include patterns and materials.

The promotional items are not marked in the listings like they were last time--this promotion is more about offering the types of things that will help a newbie get started, (or help an experienced cloth diapering parent restock their stash).

Are you excited yet? We sure are!
Come visit participating shops:

Here are some peeks at some of the items these talented sellers are offering! (scroll through the posts below for more details and photos from several of these sellers!)

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