Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet the Team

Meet the Team--Kathryn from Mad Kat Creations!
Today we meet Kathryn who stocks her shop with only the most unique diaper designs ever! After you read all about her, check out her shop and buy something truly distinctive for that cloth diapering friend on your Christmas list--and don't forget to get yourself a little something too!
Where did you get the name for your shop?
Mad Kat got its name from the fact that I (Kat) tend to do projects or have methods that are unexpected or considered off beat. Currently I am quilting a 4'X6' piece of nylon with a scene from the movie Road Warrior printed on it.

Is it big business or a hobby?
I'm still really new to the Etsy scene so for now this is still a really fun hobby.

Why do you like selling on Etsy?
I'm a SAHM and Etsy offers great flexibility and is inexpensive to use, so by day I am Kat Mom to Charlotte by night Mad Kat Etsy Crafter.

How long have you been sewing?
I've been sewing for about 3 years. My Aunts who are very skilled quilters gave me my first sewing machine as a wedding present and I've been sewing ever since.

What is your favorite thing to make at the moment?
I love making diapers. They are generally quick to make and the design possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What is your favorite thing in your shop at the moment?
My favorite thing in my store is the Strawberry diaper. It was inspired by my friend who is in love with Strawberries. She just had a baby this summer and had been dropping hints all over the place that she wanted another strawberry diaper I had made previously for her as a baby shower gift, but I couldn't find the fabric anymore. So I came up with this one instead she was thrilled and its been my number one seller.

What is your inspiration?
Challenge is my inspiration. I like it when people bring me fabric and ask me to make it into something or have an idea and ask me to make it a reality.

Why is cloth diapering important to you?
As a SAHM mom living on an enlisted military man's salary, saving money is important. Plus I have a strong belief that the best way to spread the gospel of living a greener lifestyle is through showing people how much money it can save them in the long run. Cloth Diapering saves money and the environment so I am addicted to it.

What factors are the most important to you when choosing a cloth diaper?
I like pockets for their dry layer and have converted a couple people because they are so amazed on they could never tell if Charlotte was wet till her diaper leaked. But above all else a diaper has to fit and keep the messes in.

What is the kind of diaper you like the best at home? On the go?
Pockets work great at home, on the go, and are very daycare friendly. For travel? For budget?Traveling and on a budget the cover and prefold are the way to go. They don't take up a lot of room in a diaper bag and you can get a good stash going for not that much.

Do you have a favorite cloth diaper shop on Etsy?
I really like CutesyTushies. The embroidered diapers are really cool, the Grinch diaper has me green with envy.

Tell us one of your most memorable cloth diapering memories?
The most memorable cloth diapering was Charlotte's distance pooping. As a new mom with a 2 week old I was new to the whole diapering thing. I was changing her diaper and was fumbling around with a prefold trying to get it into the cover right when everything went so wrong. All my husband heard was a shriek and a "No no no nooooo!" My husband runs in to see me frozen mid-change, when he asked me what's wrong I pointed to the wall. He took one look and said, "let me get my tape measure." Charlotte had projectile pooped all over the wall, measuring a distance of 3 feet 2 inches. Definitely one for the baby book…

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  1. Unfortunately, Mad Kat has had to close up shop recently due to sewing machine issues. We've all been there!


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