Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eco Tip: Reclaimed Fabric

Do you sew your own diapers? Or do any sort of sewing?

Using reclaimed fabric can cut down on your expenses, in addition to adding another level of eco-friendliness to your diapering. As you sort through clothes that you or your kids have stained, ripped, worn out, or simply don't wear any more, evaluate each item for its usefuless as a fabric. Those Tshirts that your teenage boy ripped in the armpit can be changed into hip cloth diapers for the baby. That old work shirt of your husband's with the worn-out cuffs can find new life as a fun Hip to be Square-ish fitted diaper.

Anything that is made from natural fibers - or mostly natural fibers - can find new life as a diaper!

And, of course, anything with a high wool content can be remade into awesome wool covers. Many fleece sweatshirts can find new life as fleece wraps or pull-on pants.

Don't feel limited to only what's available in fabric stores! Look no further than your bin of worn-out or stained clothing for the raw materials to make your baby some new dipes!

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