Friday, December 14, 2012

Stinky Diapers!

Ew! My kid's diapers smell like a barn!!

Ever had that moment?

First, as someone who's had to keep her kid in disposables through three bouts of C-Diff (really stinky contagious diarrhea), let me assure you that it absolutely could be worse. Oh, boy.

Second, let's solve that stink problem! Cloth diapers should not stink!

There are many causes of stinky diapers and many solutions to try.
  • Vinegar in the rinse. This can cause stinky diapers for some people, it can solve a stink problem for others, and it makes no difference for still others. If you have stinky diapers and you use vinegar, try cutting out the vinegar for a few washes. If you have stinky diapers and you don't use vinegar, give it a try.
  • Detergent. Some detergents just don't get things clean. Our family had terrible luck with Melaleuca detergent (but other families like it). Consider switching brands.
  • Wash frequency. Diapers that sit for longer than three days can start to really absorb odors. If you can't wash that often, at least rinse your diapers often.
  • Rinsing. A hot rinse can lock in odors and stains. Many families do not need a pre-rinse at all, but if you're having stink problems, try a cold pre-rinse.
  • Diapers just not able to get completely clean. Maybe they're too wadded up when you put them in the washer (like if you roll up your diapers when removing them from the baby). Or maybe your water level is too low to allow the diapers to agitate.
  • Soap build-up. This is more common than many people realize. If your diapers reek as soon as pee hits them, this is likely your problem. You'll need to strip your diapers.
  • Not using enough detergent. Detergent is tricky. Too much, and your diapers stink from buildup. Too little, and they stink from not getting clean. If your diapers smell bad coming out of the laundry, before you even put them on your kid, try using more detergent.
  • Please also read Born to Love's suggestions. 
Good luck!

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