Friday, December 7, 2012

What is what in adult cloth diapering?

In the last years adult cloth diapers becomes more similar to baby modern cloth diapers. All in one system takes very important place in the diapering because it very easy to use and it is similar disposable diapers.

But if to choose the best system for self, some information is very practical.


The most simple and most older diapering system. Prefold diaper has rectangle form and in the center is sewn additional layers for absorbency. Diapers is simple to fold and closer with safety pins.
Prefolds requires the waterproof cover or pants. More popular is prefolds made from birds-eye fabric or gauze. Cotton flannel also can be used for prefolds.

Contoured diapers.

This is a little modification of prefolds. Diapers have shaped contour in legs zone. But it is without closures and elastics. You need use safety pins for close.

Fitted diapers.

Adult cloth diaper, adult cloth nappy , cloth incontinence diaper, SAMPLE SALEThe fitted diapers is already a similar to real cloth modern diaper. It has shaped form. Elastic is sewn around legs and in the waist. Diaper have also Velcro closures. More popular materials is cotton flannel, terry toweling, gauze and birds-eye fabric. WAHM offer also others materials like as hemp, bamboo, Zorb. Diaper has not waterproof layer and it requires the waterproof cover or pants.

Waterproof cover or pants.

In the adult diapering more popular is vinyl pants. They are soft, flexible and easy to use and wash. But it is not breathable and like more than plastic film.
In the last years there becomes the PUL fabric pants in the market. PUL fabric is soft and thin, more like to fabric not film. It is breathable and stretch.  

                                                            All in one system. 

Adult cloth diaper, adult cloth nappy , cloth incontinence diaper,This system becomes popular in the last years because it is more like as disposable in using. Special very comfortable is pull up all in one what is as underwear simply in wearing. All in one system means that there is all together sewn in one body. This diaper have waterproof outer layer and absorbent inner. Closures is made from touch tape rarely  there is used snaps in adult diapers. System minus is the long drying time but it is depend from used fabrics. More there use PUL fabric for waterproof and cotton flannel with terry toweling for absorbency. Gauze also is popular. WAHM offer also modern fabrics as Zorb, minky fleece, micro terry. This fabrics is more absorbent without bulkiness and they have fast draying properties.

Pocket diaper

Adult cloth diaper, adult cloth nappy - pocket styleThis diaper is like to all in one system but there is removable absorbent part - insert. Also in more cases there is used sty dry layers in inner side rarely natural fabric. Outer is PUL fabric for waterproof. Pocket opening is  between inner and outer layer. This diaper benefits  is all in one system in use but for washing and drying you destroy them.  This diaper type is not in the mass manufacturers offer (i did not find)  you can order them from WAHM.

Post by Laila from TipuTap 


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