Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinning a Pre-fold

To Begin with:
  • It's easier to use pins if you distract your baby by giving them a toy or something to keep them occupied. This helps cut down on the squirm factor and then reduces the odds that they will yank the pin out of your hand as you fasten the diaper. They will think this is funny and you will likely end up with a puncture wound. 
  • If you store your pins in a bar of soap it helps decrease the grab of your pins as you pierce the diaper. You can also rub your needle on your scalp (See all those days without showering have a perk) and use the natural oils of your hair. You can see that I wrap my soap in a washcloth and fasten it with hairbands. You could tie it in a cloth bag too. 

How to pin a prefold  

Place your baby on your pre-fold with the back edge even with the belly button. Sometimes my pre-fold is on the long side I just fold down the back first. This helps act as a ridge in the back to prevent poo-slposions and reduces the bulk in the front.
I usually use a jelly roll fold. I love that this fold provides a barrier along the legs that make for a snug fit and help keep things contained. Take one side of your pre-fold and roll inward.
Repeat on the other side and pull up through baby’s legs.
Bring one of your wings to the center. I start with the one on my right. In order to keep a snug fit with pinning you have to pull and keep the wings tighter than you think you need to. I insert the needle from the outside and fasten with the pin head towards the middle. This makes it easier to keep the wing taught rather than pinning against the direction you’re pulling. You carefully push the pin completely through the wings and only partially into the next layer. once you have caught the inner layer push parallel to baby a few cm and then hook up coming back through the wings. You should not be able to see the pin inside the diaper. Keeping your fingers between the diaper and your baby helps keep the pin from poking your baby in the off chance that you get all the way through the diaper.
Repeat on the other side. You can see in the picture below that I am pulling the wing in the same direction the pin is going in and my fingers are behind the diaper.
Admire your work.

And slap on your cover.
Pinning your diapers may seem a little intimidating, but it makes for such a nice fit and you don't have to worry about a tension based fastener flying across the room. 

Written by Samantha at Turk & Bean and you can read her own blog here

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