Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burp Cloths and Flannel Wipes

When I first switched over from disposables to cloth, I was most aggravated by using disposable wipes...and then I thought I had a light bulb moment - why not make cloth wipes - little did I know, I was the only one who saw this light bulb as I soon found that most cloth diapering families already use cloth wipes! Needless to say, Little Moose Diapers' Flannel wipes are made of 2 layers of flannel, while the family wipes are made of a layer of flannel and a THICK layer of white terrycloth.

I soon found the need for some large absorbent burp cloths, since my daughter was known to spit up her entire feeding (or so it seemed). The burp cloths I make are made of one layer of microfiber terry surrounded by adorable flannel prints. The edges have been snipped and leave an frayed appearance, which babies enjoy playing with.

You can find these items and more at

Happy Diapering!
Little Moose Diapers

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