Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eco Tips for work

Being always on the go, working full time does NOT mean not being ecological...

Buy yogourt, cheese, snacks in larges quantities, in big containers, and bring the amount you need in a washable/reusable container.  ( You'll probably save money that way, too...)

Use washables/reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

Bring you own cup for the coffee machine instead of those nasty foam cups.

If you use a lot of batteries and you working environment is not « rechargeable» friendly, don't throw them in the garbage.  Collect them  in a container ( keep away form pets and kids if you do it at home) and bring them to your local recycling center.

Recycle what can be recycled.  Bring back home your yogourt individual container you recycle it at home if there is no recycling program at work.

Keep a set of fork/spoon/knife and a place-mat at work, so you don't have to use plastic forks and brown paper towels.  It looks better too.

In a lot of workplaces, the paper basket gets full very quickly with paper printed only one one side.  If it is not confidential papers, reuse it for taking notes, making notepads, or bring them at home for the kids.  They always need something to paint/cut/colour...

If you want to make a notepad, it is really easy:

Take 10 letter sized sheet in the paper bin,.  cut each in 4, so you have 40 pages.  Put the print side toward the bottom.  On 1 short size, make sure everything is straight with a straigh edge, and put a few coats of white glue ( plain craft glue from the kids craft bin...), letting dry between each coat.

Tadah!  You have a notepad!

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