Friday, April 23, 2010

Cloth Diaper Awareness Week!

The Etsy Cloth Diaper Team wants to spread the cloth diapering love! In honor of Earth Day this week, what a better time to promote our environmentally conscious choices, including cloth diapering.

How you can help:
- Post a blurb on your blog about cloth diapering and/or our team

- Change your Facebook status to something promoting cloth diapering and update your profile picture with a cloth diapered baby! Some examples:
  • celebrating Cloth Diaper Awareness week (in Honor of Earth Day 4/22). Post a photo of your favorite cloth diaper (on or off a baby) and spread the love!
  • ..Earth Day every day! Choose to cloth diaper :) If you cloth diaper, set your profile pic to a favorite fluffy photo, and copy and paste this in your status. Spread the fluffy bum love! 
We'd love to keep the word going - let us know of other ideas of how to promote cloth diapering!

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