Friday, April 30, 2010

The value of HANDMADE!

There have been a lot of recent documentaries on TV about where our food comes from, how our clothing is made, fair trade, and other topics that should hit us close to home. Do we (as consumers) really think about HOW we get product "x" into our homes? How much transit costs there are? The value of the work that went into making it? The quality of goods we are receiving? Do we value what we get for the price we pay?

In general, consumers buy what they feel is valuable to them - $4 for a cup of coffee a day (hopefully in a reusable coffee mug!) versus brewing some at home. $1.99 for meat on sale versus the $5 organic variety. $4 t-shirts from a volume chain store versus $40 for a name brand T-shirt.

As a team of  women working at home producing high quality handmade items, we wanted to bring focus on what the VALUE of handmade means to us - and to you! Some of us are full time moms, making diapering products as a hobby. Some of us work full time, and do this on the side. Some of us do this as a full-time job, with the intent to bring home a living wage. Regardless of the reason we do it, we try to set a price that is fair to ourselves for the amount of time we invest in relation to the price the market will allow. (Photo Above: Mary Beth of E-A-Poo's)

We know you love handmade products - or you wouldn't be here! What does handmade mean to you?

- You love buying something unique and one of a kind
- You love supporting mothers like yourself
- You love knowing where your product came from
- You love the quality that goes into something made from the heart
(Photo Right: Sarah of Boulevard Designs/Wallypop)

As a work at home mom (WAHM), there is a delicate balancing act that happens every day between our customers and our family. Besides actual sewing, many things go into handmade items, including:  design, photos, marketing, emails, bookkeeping, and taxes. Whew! (Keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post elaborating on what goes into making diapers/covers/accessories. Also look for more work space photos from team members!).


  1. Great article, Jen! I love handmade! I shop Etsy for clothing, toys and home deco. I love knowing exactly where my items were made and knowing who made them ~ makes me treasure them all the more :)

  2. It's great to have a 'behind the scenes' look at our shops! I am leaning more and more to buying local and handmade, and I encourage everyone I know to do this.

  3. Nothing is better than handmade. Just to think that a person took time, energy and all his talents to make something unique and beautiful, I find it really great. Now I try to buy handmade gift. The person receiving the gift is always surprised and very happy to receive it.


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