Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are one of the greatest inventions ever. You get the ease and fit of an all-in-one(AIO) diaper with the drying time of a prefold. A traditional pocket diaper basically consists of an outer layer of waterproof fabric with an inner lining of absorbent or moisture wicking material that goes against your baby’s skin. The pocket is sewn in and can be in the front or the back, inside or outside of the diaper. You then stuff them with an absorbent “soaker”, insert or a prefold. This allows you to adjust absorbency as needed and still have a smooth inner lining against your baby. Pocket diapers are available in sized and one-size variations and recently I have seen some regular fitted diapers with pockets in them. They can have snaps, “velcro” or a combination of the two.
These are a great option if you need to leave your baby with a sitter or family member who is not familiar with cloth diapering. You can pre-stuff them and they go on just like a disposable. When the diaper is soiled you just pull out the insert and wash using your normal diaper wash routine.
Pocket diapers are generally less expensive than an AIO and more expensive than prefolds or fitted diapers. With that said if your entire stash was made up of pocket diapers, they still are about half the cost of buying disposables.
To see all of the great pocket diapers that our Cloth diaper team members have made click here


  1. we loved pocket diapers, especially when just beginning cloth diapering. With some of them, you don't even need to pull the insert out before washing, it works itself out in the wash. One other tip: don't stuff the pockets when they are warm out of the dryer, your elastic will last longer!


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