Monday, April 5, 2010

Reasons To Cloth Diaper (Part 4 of 4) - Enjoyment!

In spite of all the compelling reasons to use them, cloth diapers still have a really bad reputation these days. They’re portrayed as smelly, lots of extra work, leaky or ineffective, and the list goes on. So among my many friends who cloth diaper, have I found stinky babies, blow-outs and resignation to the extra hours of laundry drudgery? Is my own experience of liking cloth diapers a strange anomaly? Nope, instead I see more and more moms who honestly enjoy using cloth diapers. Most people actually find that they work well and don’t take as much extra effort as anticipated. Plus everyone is relieved of the guilt of sending all those thousands of disposable diapers to the landfill.

I feel I should mention that although cloth diapers still have a negative perception within the general public, there's a strange phenomenon that happens to moms when they DO start using cloth diapers: they get addicted! Now who thought diapers were something you could obsess about? But as a mom who’s been bitten with the cloth diaper bug, I can attest that can happen all to easily! All of a sudden you can find yourself browsing for sale or trade boards in your "spare" minutes on the computer, or trying to talk your hubby into letting you spend extra money on diapers, or even hiding your cloth diaper spending from hubby, because you're ashamed to admit how much you've spent! There’s a whole cloth diapering subculture – fad brands, expensive handmade diapering items, and “stalking” the most sought after products.

If you’re looking for other cloth diaper mamas to connect with, you'll find plenty of them frequenting the forums at Mothering.commune, The Babycenter, Diaperswappers, Cloth Diaper Nation, Diaperpin, Diaper Jungle, and Hyena Cart.


  1. oh yes indeed! I am a reformed cloth diaper addict (now that my youngest is almost done with them) and am a little sad not to receive any more fluffy mail, stalk the latest cool thing, or even know WHAT the latest cool thing is!

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