Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloth Training Pants

submitted by Katy of LittleMuffinBottoms

As a mother of four (three of which are successfully potty trained) I have probably tried almost every type of training pant there is out there. The conclusions I’ve come to are thus:
1. Disposable training pants/”pull-ups” are just like disposable diapers. They are super absorbent, full of chemicals and no matter what the manufacturers say they still look like diapers.
2. You want your baby to be able to feel the fact that they are wet so that they can recognize it and use the “potty” the next time. I won’t even address what the manufacturers of disposables are putting into the training pants for this (“cool feel” and “color changing” chemicals) as I believe this was thoroughly gone over in a previous post.
3. Cloth training pants can be very absorbent to a little more absorbent than regular underwear.
4. Comfort. I mean come on cloth is cloth and disposables are well, paper. What would you rather wear?
5. The cost. Compare about $50-60 for 5-6 pairs of cloth trainers that you will buy once to disposables which you are going to be purchasing weekly for who knows how long.
6. Variety. Like cloth diapers/nappys, there is a large variety of cloth training pants as well. They can look like a diaper or just like underwear. They can be waterproof or not, have side snaps or pull up like true underpants. There is an endless array of fabrics that are used. You can even have them “custom” made to fit your needs.

To see what is available from the Etsy cloth diaper team go to the word “training pants” on the left hand side of this blog under “Find Products” or you can click here.

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