Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bundles of Joy Wool Pocket Pants!

Inspired by my own toddler (and the Lost Boys from Peter Pan) who yearns for clothes with pockets, I started using the fronts of pocketed wool cardigans to make pants. Originally I made them only for my own children as the pocketed sweaters were scarce to find. But today I have listed the first one in my shop for your viewing pleasure! These capri-length wool pocket pants are sure to make your baby the cutest one in wool pants.

On an unrelated note, I must add that I have been loving the All-in-One diaper I got from Lil'Bees! I have longed avoided AIOs because I don't like diapers that take three additional cycles in the drier to finish drying. But her diapers use microfiber as the soaker pads, and they dry in the same amount of time as my quick-dry fitteds. And the fit is great too!


  1. joy, these are adorable!! harper must have a pair! :)

  2. Thanks, Erika! I will have to hunt down some Harper-sized wool pockets. . .

  3. so very cool! and original! I have not seen pockets anywhere else!

    And thanks for the little promo by the way. :)


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